Will Edelen Ever Look At KET’s Mega Problems?

Now that the Bluegrass Mental Health scandal has broken, we can only hope Adam Edelen wakes up to the reality that he needs to investigate some of his old friends at Kentucky Educational Television.

You’ll note the similarities. Primarily executives getting salary increases while the rank and file are starved. Remember KET’s line about budget shortfalls prior to a layoff of stuff… only to then pass out raises to select managers?

Common political sense tells us that Edelen won’t so much as sniff around KET’s foundation. You know – the 501( c ) 3 KET started in order to do things state government might frown upon.

Just how many 501s have the ability to raise mountains of cash with a taxpayer-funded studio only to have zero oversight from state government on how those funds are handled?

Story after story after story like Bluegrass Mental Health. All the things that are occurring at KET. And Adam Edelen is still terrified to do anything.