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Kentucky state troopers have arrested a Western Kentucky man who they say charged at them with a farm tractor. [H-L]

The Federal Reserve sent its clearest signal to date Wednesday that it will keep interest rates super-low to boost the U.S. economy even after the job market has improved significantly. [HuffPo]

A Dutch man has accomplished something that’s been under planning for years in Kentucky — the construction of a life-sized replica of Noah’s Ark, using biblical specs. [WFPL]

Like a crisis, a good scapegoat is a terrible thing to waste. Just now Mittens Romney is proving a fine one for Republicans, as they chew over defeat and their movement’s future. [The Economist]

Even though Judge-Executive Bobby Carpenter deemed the move “crazy” and expressed serious concerns about it, the Greenup County Fiscal Court on Tuesday voted to void legislation the county might have on the books aimed at keeping people from bringing firearms into the courthouse. [Daily Independent]

Guess what happens when middle aged people are given a $400-per-month voucher to purchase health care in the Free Market. Guess! Just guess! Did you guess? [Wonkette]

Senate newcomer and consumer advocate Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) completed her coup against the banks on Wednesday, securing a spot on the Senate Banking Committee. [HuffPo]

A Rowan County jury has recommended concurrent sentences for a man convicted in a double murder. [H-L]

Most Americans are nowhere close to having their holiday shopping done, a new Reuters/Ipsos poll shows, raising hope there could be a big boost in sales during the last two weeks before Christmas. [Reuters]

Louisville Metro Police are investigating after a body was found on a college campus. According to police, the body was discovered Tuesday in a van on the University of Louisville campus. [WAVE3]

All this funny business with North Korea sounds like tons of fun. North Korea appeared to have put what it said was a satellite into orbit on Wednesday, a boost for the country’s young leader, Kim Jong-un, in his struggle to be hailed at home as a worthy successor to his father and to be regarded as a serious rival by the United States and its allies in the region. [NY Times]