Steve Beshear Plotting Next Major Gambling Loss

A lawsuit regarding a Fayette County jail inmate’s death while in custody was transferred from state to federal court last week. [H-L]

In the end, there were winners on the Romney campaign: the firms tied to Mittens Romney’s aides. With the Federal Election Commission posting the most recent 2012 campaign finance reports, a clearer picture has emerged as to how the Republican presidential nominee spent the hundreds of millions of dollars he raised. It quite literally paid to be part of the Romney universe. [HuffPo]

How does one lose expanded gambling again? By being Steve Beshear, of course, and by not working with anyone. Oh, and by still trying to constitutionally guarantee only five specific companies get gambling rights. [Kenny Coleslaw]

The Supreme Court will take up “pay for delay” — the multibillion-dollar dispute over whether brand-name drug makers should be able to pay generic drug companies for agreeing to delay putting cheaper versions on the market. [Politico]

Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul are urging Gov. Steve Beshear to seek a federal disaster declaration because of the potential economic consequences of a drought that has led to low water levels on the Mississippi River. [Courier & Press]

When the Federal Communications Commission passed a rule earlier this year to require TV stations to post political ad buying information online, public interest groups (and ProPublica) welcomed the policy as a means to get an unprecedented look at how billions of campaign dollars flow around the country. [ProPublica]

State and federal regulators have sampled soil from yards of 18 more homes near the former Black Leaf industrial site in the Park Hill neighborhood. [C-J/AKN]

Hundreds of well-wishers braved cold and rain to celebrate 133 weddings at Seattle City Hall on Sunday, marking the first day that same-sex couples could marry in Washington state. [Reuters]

Personal information about some University of Kentucky students was accidentally emailed to 600 other students, prompting the school to issue an apology. [WAVE3]

Details are starting to come out about President Obama’s second inauguration next month. The co-chairmen include some leaders of the Democratic Party and the business world as well as actress Eva Longoria. [NPR]

When a poor person gets a government handout, it’s called welfare. When a rich corporation gets one, it’s called an economic development incentive. [H-L]

Everyone has on average 400 flaws in their DNA, a UK study suggests. Most are “silent” mutations and do not affect health, although they can cause problems when passed to future generations. [BBC]

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