Papaw Knows He Can’t Beat Mitch McConnell

Steve Beshear has ruled himself out as a potential challenger to Republican U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell in 2014. [H-L]

How on earth is this worthy of being considered a news story on one of the best NPR stations in the country? [WFPL]

A majority of Americans want Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to run for president in 2016, according to a poll released Wednesday showing the former first lady and senator is more popular than ever before. [Politico]

“When he first came to us, he couldn’t stand at all.” As the large black Great Dane hopped around the small yard on three legs, veterinarian Dr. Amanda Brumley detailed the injuries Lou suffered a month and a half ago after being struck by a car in Mississippi. [Richmond Register]

At a speaking engagement in Sacramento on Tuesday evening, Bill Clinton suggested Republicans and Democrats were closer to a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff than it may appear to the public. [HuffPo]

Iraq has shut its airspace to four Syrian flights scheduled to pick up attack helicopters that had been repaired in Russia, the spokesman to Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki said Tuesday. [ProPublica]

We’re all about doing the right thing for Louisville and Kentucky’s small towns. But maybe Greg Fischer shouldn’t be counting his local option sales tax chickens before the eggs hatch. [Dan Klepal]

Private-sector employers added 118,000 jobs in November, shy of economists’ expectations, a report by a payrolls processor showed on Wednesday. [Reuters]

Appalachian Winter Homecoming honors Jean Ritchie. The old music of the mountains reverberated in the Hal Rogers Forum in Hazard Wednesday evening as a group of students from across the region came together to honor one of Appalachia’s greatest musicians. [Hazard Herald]

Wingnuts hold an anti-gay Jeebus conference in the magical Eastern Mexican land of “Spain.” [Wonkette]

Investigators have now identified three members of a family killed in a Wednesday morning house fire in Lexington. [WKYT]

Congress is considering whether to turn three top-secret sites involved with creating the atomic bomb into one of the country’s most unusual national parks. [NPR]

Surgeons on the old TV show MASH operated at breakneck speed to save wounded soldiers during the Korean War, but their pace would seem leisurely compared to that of a modern U.S. Army forward surgical team. [H-L]

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