Bobbie Coleslaw Making Excuses For Waste Again

In 2013, legislators must be focused on shoring up Kentucky’s woefully underfunded public employee pension system and exerting stronger oversight over the state’s Medicaid managed care scheme, said Sen. Robert Stivers, R-Manchester. [Ryan Alessi]

Federal, state and local law enforcement agencies confiscated more than $1.5 billion worth of marijuana this year in central Appalachia, a region where widespread unemployment may be turning some people to pot farming. [H-L]

This “Ashley Judd for Senate” thing is still the most hilarious and most absurd thing we’ve encountered for years. [Politico]

A group of students in Morehead may not be related, but its weekly dinners rival those of many families. [Daily Independent]

See? No one with sense thinks Ashley Judd is ever going to be a U.S. Senator. [WaPo]

What, Bobbie Coleslaw can’t give a public statement involving the hundreds of thousands of dollars the state law says she can’t spend as she does without having Larry Bisig do the talking? We thought he was some big political and media expert? Interesting way to turn what would have been a ten minute story into a week-long ordeal, folks. Wow. [WDRB]

This is a really good look at how Ashley Judd would lose to Mitch McConnell. Despite it being written to proclaim the ways in which she could win. [Slate]

Two years and $8.4 billion into the government’s effort to get doctors to take their practices digital, some unintended consequences are starting to emerge. One is a lot of unhappy doctors. [WFPL]

Attorney J. Bruce Miller, a longtime proponent of bringing a National Basketball Association franchise to Louisville, lashed out Monday against a recent study that concluded the benefits of a team wouldn’t be worth the cost. [C-J/AKN]

Have you heard the Good News? Smegma-spittled Rick Santorum has taken an exclusive writing gig with WND, the estimable journal of conservative thought that advocates executing journalists to protect the First Amendment. [Wonkette]

Rand Paul has gotten initial approval for a measure that would ensure thousands of military personnel serving overseas get counted in the next census at the bases from which they were deployed. [WKYT]

A federal judge has sentenced a central Kentucky cardiologist and his ex-wife to two years’ probation and ordered them to pay $100,000 in back pay to a Bolivian woman whom they admitted harboring as a virtual prisoner. [H-L]

The recent confusion about special districts that provide governmental services in Madison and other counties illustrates why the patchwork system itself is confusing and needs better organization and transparency, according to Stephenie Steitzer, spokesperson for state Auditor Adam Edelen. [Richmond Register]

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2 thoughts on “Bobbie Coleslaw Making Excuses For Waste Again

  1. Honestly, I’m going to shockingly defend Bobbie Holsclaw. She needs to shore up her accounting practices and put in tighter controls on this donation collection business.

    However, she has been consistently running a surplus and repatriating that back to Jefferson County. If she wants to reward her employees for a job well done I don’t see anything wrong with this practice. Now if it is deemed against the law, well that’s another matter.

    Our government needs to reward innovators so it runs more efficiently.

  2. Are you kidding me?! Government rewarding efficiency? My little (previous) section had potential to make a profit, but I was stymied at every turn. No original thinking allowed!!!!

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