1 thought on “Mitch McConnell Suddenly Concerned About Taxes

  1. Hey Mitch, the CBO report is based on raising rates on Labor and no one is wanting to raise rates on Labor (except you), if your income is over $250,000 a year (now they’re talking about $500,000) is the issue at hand on how we can save almost 1 trillion dollars in the next decade (some might call it “deficit deduction” and not “job killing tax hike”) so we don’t have to borrow that much money from China and abroad to give to those who earn plenty enough income to get by!
    As far as your comments on the “Holy Grail of Liberalism is wealth destruction”, could not be further from the truth. You might want to look up the term, when someone asks me what does liberal means, I tell them in one word, “Freedom” and I like to describe Conservatism as the act of preserving and not wasting something, to keep something the same. Mitch you can’t call yourself a true “Conservative” with the waste you have caused with your leadership. Your actions do nothing but conserve the greed of corporate America, while you allow the waste of the middle class working family’s incomes, jobs healthcare and education. You do not show preservation of our natural resources that will allow future generations to have the same opportunities that your generation has enjoyed. No sir, you are no true Conservative, just an opportunist who leads with fear and misinformation, but heck, what else can you do?

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