We Have Great News To Share With You Today

The Herald-Leader says it’s offering new “subscription options” in this story.

What the paper’s ownership really means? It’s going to start charging you to read news on its website. News that you can most certainly get elsewhere for free.

You’ll only have access to 15 stories per month if you aren’t a paid subscriber. If you want more than that? You’ll have to cough up $120 per year.

This is awesome news for sites like this one, where we will never charge for content. And it means more and more people will continue to get their news where it’s free. Especially at a time in Kentucky’s history where there are record households receiving food stamps, record numbers of unemployed and underemployed people and countless people losing their jobs every day.

The sun sure shines bright on our old Kentucky home today. It’ll just be a lot brighter for Page One on December 4.

2 thoughts on “We Have Great News To Share With You Today

  1. Indeed: the moment my “free limit” of articles at the NYTimes ends, I usually switch to Wash Post which has no limits. And then Wash Post sells my eyeballs to its advertisers, not Times’. Times loses – Post gains…

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