PEE ALERT: Mitch McConnell Goes Full Teabagger

Take your urinary break immediate. Then come back to read the latest emergency email blast from Mitch McConnell:

Dear Patriot,

President Obama thinks we have given up.

Just days after the election, the President is calling for a massive tax hike on American small businesses. And, he thinks he has a “consensus” of Americans who will go along with his dangerous plans.

The President has been very clear about what he intends to do. In the coming weeks, he will try to use the “Lame Duck” session of Congress and the threat of the fiscal cliff to pressure Republicans to fall in line with his tax hikes. He thinks we will roll right over.

This election taught us that there is consensus on some core issues. The American people are all worried about the future. They know they need jobs, and that we need to fuel our recovery. And, they want Washington’s solutions to work, not hurt.

But, I see absolutely no consensus anywhere, save from the radical left, that we should hike taxes on our small business owners and stall this fragile economy.

A tax hike on American small businesses WILL kill jobs, it WILL stifle our fragile recovery and it WILL NOT work!

You see, an independent study by the highly respected accounting firm Ernst and Young estimates that President Obama’s tax hike plan would crush tens of thousands of small businesses and destroy 710,000 jobs.

Let’s be honest. I am sure you are disappointed with the results of last week’s elections, as am I. But now is not the time to hang our heads.

The President is counting on us to sit on the sidelines during this fight so he can push through his tax hike agenda.

Well, I for one won’t go quietly along and watch American small businesses get thrown under the bus. I plan to Fight. And, I hope you will stand with me.

Please click here today to sign my pledge to Stand Up to Obama’s Small Business Tax Hike.

We must stand together at this critical time and let the President know that working together to solve our problems does NOT mean rolling over and allowing him to enact dangerous, devastating policies.

I am counting on your support. I hope you will stand up with me, for jobs, and for a brighter future for all Americans.

For Freedom,

Mitch McConnell
Republican Leader
United States Senate

Not only has Mitch turned into a faux teabagger “patriot”?

He’s back to fundraising with fear tactics.

4 thoughts on “PEE ALERT: Mitch McConnell Goes Full Teabagger

  1. Hey Mitch, it’s not a tax hike on small businesses; it’s the end of the extension on the tax credits that Bush initiated over a decade ago for those who make over $250,000 a year or more. Heck, I wish I had that problem!

  2. “A Quick Letter to a Senatorial Waste”

    Dear Unpatriot Mitch,
    You have lost. Suck it up! You have little or no capital left. Your colossal non-action on behalf of the Amurkin people has been a gigantic drain on our society–and you could care less. You continue to misrepresent what Obama is doing on taxes (among many other issues). You fuel more “know-nothingness” among our citizens. Many of the latter fooled you this time around: They have not been as dumb as you think. So, “you plan to Fight” (learn some 2nd-grade capitalization, in the meantime). Have you ever really done so for average Amurkins? We know you are certainly not starting now. Your time is up, man.

  3. The only small business owners this would affect are those who are not incorporated or LLC’d. If you’re running a business and you’re not incorporated, get incorporated. It’s not hard and doesn’t require a liar, er, lawyer.

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