Kentucky Needs Hemp But It’s Not Happening Soon

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The Madison Fiscal Court agreed unanimously Tuesday to inform the Kentucky Department of Corrections it has interest in building a 100-bed facility behind the county’s existing jail. [Richmond Register]

We can take a look back over the 2012 election cycle and discuss at length the significance of reelecting the first black president for a second term or we can delve into the obscene amount of money invested in the presidential election across the country. Choosing the latter would greatly benefit the society at large and provide introspection into a topic that gets easily glossed over in politics: poverty. [HuffPo]

Clark County School Superintendent Elaine Farris has filed a lawsuit saying she is a victim of libel, slander and harassment by an assistant principal, his wife, and another woman, all of whom have publicly criticized Farris and the Clark school system over the last several months. [H-L]

It is like, one side is full of elected officials trying to make it legal for business owners to deny their workers slut pills and hating equal pay for equal work and loving rape, and the other side is an actor and probably Bill Maher saying gross things about Republican ladies’ butts, and how is it fair that these are not treated exactly the same? Fox News, as you would expect, is FURIOUS. [Wonkette]

In Owensboro, Kentucky’s fourth-largest city, there’s no instant access to an interstate seen as a magnet for job growth. But officials there are riding hopes that a new study will put them on a path toward becoming aligned with a highway running from Tennessee to Michigan. [WKYT]

FEC records show coal company Murray Energy Corp. gave $100,000 to American Crossroads in September, just weeks before sacking dozens of employees as part of its plan to go into “survival mode.” [Politico]

It’s fun watching Bob Gunnell in his latest stupid stunt. We’re sure the Mulloy Brothers are also getting a kick out of it. Sad, though, that University of Louisville folks are denying their own involvement in hindering the city’s progress. [C-J/AKN]

During the election, the Obama campaign, which had assembled a cutting-edge team of data scientists, developers, and digital advertising experts, refused to say anything about how it was targeting voters. Now, members of the campaign are starting to open up about what their team actually did with all that data. [ProPublica]

According to a new report, America’s poorest neighborhoods lost 91 percent of their wealth during the recession. [HuffPo]

Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell set two top goals for the 2012 election: a Republican takeover of the Senate and the defeat of President Barack Obama. He achieved neither. [Reuters]

Of course Kentucky needs hemp. But it’s silly for Jamie Comer to mislead people into believing it’s going to happen on a federal level without a major fight. Rand Paul isn’t going to make it happen, either, as he’s proved his worth by hiring pole dancers. [H-L]

1 thought on “Kentucky Needs Hemp But It’s Not Happening Soon

  1. “Dream on, Mitch”

    Empress Elaine: “Mitch, I can’t stand it when the media calls you a ‘loser.'”

    Mitch: “Thank you, Dear. I did my darndest to win the Senate and beat Obama. It was my big dream–the only one I worked day and night for.”

    Empress: “The public appreciates you, Mitch. No matter how big a loser you are.”

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