Something Here Smells A Little Funny, Martha Jane

Yesterday we highlighted yet another Martha Jane King campaign hand who was behind the racist devil smears against her opponent.

Today, let’s take a look at Martha Jane’s prominent supporters – one of them a Democratic mayor – having some funtimes with the Sons of Confederate Veterans and the Confederate Flag:


This is her – Lewisburg Mayor Tina Callahan-Dye – with Steve Beshear:

That fun, innocent, not racist at all dinner mentioned in the above discussion:

A closer look:

Nothing borderline racist at all. It’s just funtimes! Just a little dinner celebration with funtimes racist symbols. The SCV has absolutely no issues with racism. At all.

It’s one thing to play dress-up for the sake of historical reenactment. It’s another thing when your entire life revolves around that mess while plastering the racist flag everywhere. The only thing missing is the KDP’s rooster.

Before you suggest we’re grasping at straws? Recall that this whole mess was about some random person who was not the candidate posting something on a MySpace wall. MySpace – a social network that had been dead for nearly two years at the time.

Interesting how that works.

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