Deep Thoughts From Central Kentucky Teabaggers

Wondering what the teabaggers in Central Kentucky (or just Hardin County) are up to now that the butthurt is getting stronger?

Here are some deep thoughts from their leader:

Date: Wed, 7 Nov 2012 12:45:23 -0500
Subject: Committee meeting

Hi Everyone,
Just a reminder of our planing committee meeting on Thurs Nov 8, 7 PM at Shoney’s Restaurant. Some come over at 6 PM to eat dinner if you care to join us.

We will have a lot to discuss at this meeting so you might like to join us to share your opinion. One big change is going to be my party registration to Independent and I think others are also going to leave the ineffective GOP party. Locally it has become a one man show anyway.

Several Tea Party groups have hinted at starting a 3rd party though I think the Independents had that in mind when they lost faith in the D’s and R’s. Well, it’s time that something be done because the R’s rarely support conservatives and they have the “next in line” mentality that is giving elections to the D’s. What a boring campaign with only a couple of peak moments and then back to bland, but it was Mitts turn. Just like McConnell who might as well were a D behind his name, they re-elected Guthrie who only voted 55% with the people and we re-elect Tim who when he ran said he was not going to be a career politician and some of us remember that with a 4th term. Makes you think of Ron Lewis, all good people who say one thing and do another. I think something happens by the end of the second term and they have to stay for the power because I sure don’t see a lot of good changes in fact we might be better off if they stayed out of Frankfort for a while. They waste so much time.
I have to add this disclaimer that this is Gloria’s personal opinion and I’ venting and hoping that there may be some good ideas to come from it.
Freedom isn’t Free

The “Tim” she refers to is State Rep. Tim Moore.

Seems the teabaggers have now turned on all of their favorite people and have started to eat their own.

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  1. The Central Kentucky Tea Party did contribute to one Republican victory. Bobby Alexander, who has been the chairman of the Central Kentucky Tea Party Patriots and currently a member of the Republican Party of Hardin County’s Executive Committee endorsed Libertarian Craig Astor over incumbent Congressman Brett Guthrie, resulting in Guthrie carrying Hardin County by ten more percentage points than two years ago.

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