Wow, Richie Farmer Now A Used Care Salesman

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MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR PEE ALERT! Former Pennsylvania Senator and GOP Presidential candidate Rick Santorum has claimed that a ‘homosexual cabal’ stole Tuesday’s presidential election. [HAHAHA]

Of course his crazy ass is full of self-hatred. Herman Cain on Wednesday appeared on Fox News to bash the New Black Panther Party, after a lone member appeared at a polling station on Election Day. [Politico]

Citizen groups that have been blasting school officials in Scott and Clark counties this year put new members on school boards in both counties in Tuesday’s election. [H-L]

Millions of dollars were raised and spent, swing states reeled from endless political ads, and now that President Barack Obama has been re-elected, the soul searching begins. [Reuters]

Former University of Kentucky basketball star Richie Farmer is selling cars at a Chevrolet dealership in Manchester, his first job after eight years as state agriculture commissioner. [C-J/AKN]

This country does not need another actor or actress trying to run for office. Kentucky most certainly does not need an actress from another state running for office. People like John Yarmuth need a swift kick in the rear if they really believe the words flying out of their mouths lately. It’s like suggesting Heather French Henry should run for office. [The Hill]

Once the news of President Obama’s reelection spread, the congratulations started raining in. NPR’s Philip Reeves reports that one of the first messages came from British Prime Minister David Cameron. [NPR]

Nice lady goes on epic 23-minute potty rant because her friends didn’t share her Mittens Romney posts on Fakebook. Wingnuts sure are in a tizzy this week. [Wonkette]

Of COURSE Jerry Abramson and Steve Beshear want to take more money away from state retirees for problems the Democrats in Frankfort caused. Sure, they should all be taxed equally. But this doesn’t solve the problem the legislature caused. [WTVQ]

Mittens Romney apparently believed his own hype. He was reported shellshocked after losing the election. [HuffPo]

Ben Chandler knew his tenure in Congress and possibly his political career were over the minute he saw the election returns from Montgomery County on Tuesday night. “When it came in that we lost Montgomery by 900 votes after winning by 700 votes two years ago, I knew we couldn’t overcome it,” Chandler said in an interview. [C-J/AKN]

Folks in Louisville have known for a long time that constables are irrelevant and outdated. A statewide study, released by the Justice and Public Safety Cabinet, in Kentucky, says Constables aren’t needed. [WKYT]

Donald W. Pace, former Clark County superintendent has been hired as interim superintendent at Mason County School District. Pace’s hiring was approved Wednesday during a special meeting of the Mason County Board of Education by a unanimous vote. [Ledger Independent]