McConnell Is Back To Stalling Any & All Progress

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Here’s footage of Ben Chandler conceding and Andy Barr giving his victory speech. [Bluegrass Politics]

Advisers to Mittens Romney insisted Wednesday that they were surprised by the scale of their loss to President Barack Obama, while big-time GOP donors griped about the campaign’s unflinching confidence in the final stretch. [Politico]

This guy speaks in Kentucky a bunch and now he’s maybe leading China to an internet of energy. [The Times]

A Harlan County coal company and two supervisors admitted Wednesday that they willfully exposed miners to the risk of being hurt or killed by rock falls. [H-L

Time magazine’s Michael Scherer talked with a group of Obama campaign advisers this past weekend, and provided an inside look at some of the data and targeting tactics behind the president’s re-election. [ProPublica]

The KET people say Candy Barr will be on their teevee box on Sunday. One to One airs at 1:00 P.M. Eastern. [Press Release]

President Barack Obama’s election victory on Tuesday may give him the opportunity to deepen his liberal imprint on the U.S. Supreme Court. [Reuters]

There’s a writ of election in the 16th State Senate District. [SoS]

The biggest corporate contributor in the 2012 election so far doesn’t appear to make anything — other than very large contributions to a conservative super PAC. Specialty Group Inc., of Knoxville, Tenn., donated nearly $5.3 million between Oct. 1 and Oct. 11 to FreedomWorks for America, which is affiliated with former GOP House Majority Leader Dick Armey. [CPI]

Mitch McConnell is already back to obstruction at all costs. He has a severe Napoleon Complex. [WaPo]

The election wasn’t the only news in Richmond on Tuesday. Turns out somebody made about $24,000 worth of news during a traffic stop. [Richmond Register]

Foreclosure review pays consultant $4 for each $1 to homeowners. Consumer groups have been quick to criticize the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency’s independent foreclosure look-back reviews for giving the banks under scrutiny too much say in the process of reviewing their own loans. [American Banker]

Forget complicated vote recounts. A tie in a city council race in eastern Kentucky was settled the easy way, with a coin toss. [WKYT]

President Obama’s re-election and the retention of a Democratic majority in the Senate means the likelihood of a repeal of the Affordable Care Act has receded. [NPR]

5 thoughts on “McConnell Is Back To Stalling Any & All Progress

  1. how much longer will our state allow Mitch to hold up anything that is even remotely good for the country?? just because a democrat brings something up doesnt mean it is bad…. i am surprised he hasnt let go with the ” nothing will happen as all i want to do is make the president look bad”….. reminds me of the “leader” in KY senate that we just got rid of……

  2. “Go, Casey E.!”

    With the new composition of the U.S. Senate, favoring Democrats even more, bloviating Mitch will become even more irrelevant to the present and future of Amurka. That is a good sign of progress to come. What now, Mitch? You can no longer make unseating Obama your one and only aim in life.

  3. Casey E,

    Sorry, you didn’t get rid of KY Senate President. Steve did – by buying him off.
    Can you do that with Mitch?

  4. “Dick Armey” is the most appropriate, representative GOP name that I have ever seen. No matter how many times I see that man’s name, I always laugh.

  5. Would it be worth it to get rid of Mitch by appointing him to the Supreme Court?

    Oh, wait. That must not be a good idea because a bit of vomit just came in my mouth.

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