The Teevee Returns To Rascal Scooter Commercials

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Here’s a monster of a story that Ben Chandler absolutely did not want to read. [Roll Call]

Kentucky Republicans fell short of taking control of the state House of Representatives Tuesday night but they narrowed the margin of Democrats control with some pickups in western Kentucky. As of press time, it appeared Republicans would hold 45 seats to Democrats’ 55 in the House. [Ronnie Ellis]

A panel will discuss “Race and the Election,” or how racial attitudes affected the 2012 presidential election, on Nov. 15 at noon at the Cressman Center, 100 E. Main St. in Louisville. [C-J/AKN]

Oh, look, it’s Ben Chandler blaming his loss on President Barack Obama. And that, folks, is why he deserved to lose. Because he never takes responsibility for himself. [Ryan Alessi]

You saw it happen, folks. You sat on your big butt and you watched Barack Obama, who was not born in America, steal the election — again — so that he can ruin the country and impose sharia law. [Wonkette]

It has been more than a year since voters approved alcohol sales in Manchester. In the last month, law enforcement officials said they have made more arrests in Clay County for alcohol-related incidents, mainly among young people. [WYMT]

Karl Rove totally freaked out after Fox News, his television employers, called Ohio, and therefore the election, for President Obama. [BuzzFeed]

The Lexington-Fayette Urban County Council will have four new faces come January from districts where incumbents did not seek re-election. Meanwhile, eight incumbents, including four who faced challengers, won another two-year term. [H-L]

The gays really did win big last night. Take a look at just two of the stories. [HuffPo & More HuffPo]

Overall, Tuesday provided a great night for Kentucky Republicans, who narrowed their minority Kentucky House of Representatives. [WFPL]

Rising prices and chronic unemployment were heavy on the minds of voters Tuesday even as a glimmer of optimism peeked through. Four in 10 said the nation’s battered economy is getting better. [WLEX18]

8 thoughts on “The Teevee Returns To Rascal Scooter Commercials

  1. I’ve been telling Democratic leaders that Ben would loose because he has disconnected with Democrats and the middle class.
    We can’t beat Republicans with Republicrats running for office.
    We also need to build our precincts back up with real involvement, resources and commitment from our leadership at Democratic headquarters.

  2. Democrats have a bigger issue. They are all Republicans. This state is in the closet about it’s political affiliation.

  3. @Ed: “. . . our leadership at Democratic headquarters.”

    Wow! What a concept. Give me minute to take that in and ponder it.

    . . . another minute, please. . .

    . . . just one more, if you will . . .

    Nope. Can’t see it. But, know we sorely need it.

  4. “How Can Anyone Really Miss Ben?”

    Ben lost because he has never been a real Democrat. His opponent is awful, Ben just a tad less so. Ben had family name recognition to the KY sky, but little else. He squandered his “silver foot” political career by standing for nothing.

  5. Doubt it’s just because he wasn’t a real Democrat.

    But because he was rarely visible in the district, was not a reliable voice and was afraid to let anyone know where he stood.

  6. “Ben Stood for Something?”

    Jake, I agree in part–but did he ever really stand for anything of importance? Did he ever have much courage?

  7. “Waiting for a Miracle in Ohio”

    GOP operative in OH: “Please don’t call the election this early!”

    TV commentator: “Why not? It’s obvious Obama has a commanding lead.”

    GOP operative: “We’re waitin’ for our base, the Christian right wing, to get on their buses. Like Rove planned last time when we beat Kerry. Please wait, praise the Lord.”

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