Rehashing Last Evening’s Fancy Election Results

The moral to the Ben Chandler-Andy Barr story: Ben Chandler should have grown a spine in 2008. Playing Republian-lite didn’t give anyone a reason to vote for him.

The Republican Party of Kentucky likely could have beaten Martha Jane King had it tried. They did six mailers for Westerfield in the same area. Had they done mailings for Hightower, it would have bumped him up quite a bit. Proof Hoover and DeCesare got their feelings hurt and behaved as WATBs. Sounding more and more like Democrats by the day.

Martha Jane King likely won’t play pat-a-cake for three months the next time she’s up for re-election. She seriously could have lost the race if it weren’t for the PAC dollars that flowed in at the last minute.

Crooks like Carroll Hubbard cannot and should not win.

Chris Thieneman wasn’t trusted by voters because, well, he’s never been trusted. The residency issue was just scratching the surface.

Brave Patriot Marilyn Parker is a Metro Councilcritter in the state’s largest city. Proof the Democrats in Louisville didn’t even try.

John Yarmuth sounded unbelievably silly when he pretended he had an actual race this year.

Joni Jenkins blew $41,904.51 on Jonathan Hurst for a race she knew she was going to win in a landslide.

The real winner was Hurst… making gobs of cash for recycling the same mail piece. Beyond Jenkins, he made $19,500 from Martha Jane King and $94,654.41 from Jody Richards. That’s $156,058.92 from just three candidates who barely had to do anything to win.

The Commonwealth is dangerously afraid of non-whites in late 2012.

Louisville proved yet again that it’s nothing like the rest of the state.

A lot of the country doesn’t hate the gays.

Obama’s victory is a good thing for Mitch McConnell. He’ll probably win re-election in a landslide unless someone super-prominent and minimally corrupt (no Jerry Abramson, Steve Beshear, Ben Chandler, Jack Conway) and not new (no Alison Lundergan Grimes, no Adam Edelen) steps up and announces a candidacy the first week of January. They’ll need to have progressives like Matthew Barzun and good old boys like Jerry Lundergan on board prior to building a candidacy.

3 thoughts on “Rehashing Last Evening’s Fancy Election Results

  1. Why wasn’t Edelen listed in the “corrupt” category? Did you choose the “new” category first and just didn’t feel like listing him twice? Or did you just forget about the Coldiron pay-raise scandal along with the Edelen’s granting access to Babbage because of the financial dealings of Edelen, Coldiron, and Babbage? And there is another area that I won’t specifically reference, but you can be quite certain that a McConnell opposition researcher would find it and use it. Edelen’s career is over the second he runs against a half-decent candidate with at least a little bit of money. He really lucked out in his last race when the Republicans didn’t choose a serious candidate. (It also helped Beshear’s reelection too, since it necessarily involves his administration).

  2. If there were proof of Edelen sexing up Beshear staffers or hiring lovers, there would be tangible proof and it would already be in the public eye. Because I would have published it.

    There’s nothing there on that front. There is no Jonathan Miller snafu with Adam.

    There are other issues, though, and I would bet a testicle or two that those matters will come to light when he tries to run for higher office without proving himself for 4-8 years as Auditor of Public Accounts. They have nothing to do with state government.

    This is Kentucky, remember, so issues of actual corruption – pay raises, hiring scandals, ignoring campaign finance law – don’t matter unless you’re a Republican running against someone Jennifer Moore is friendly with.

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