Chance For Grimes To Save Cash & Improve Govt

Look, everybody likes Alison Lundergan Grimes. She may be over-hyping herself with the media but that’s all fine and dandy.

The one bone we have to pick beyond all that is that she still refuses to get with the times. It’s nearly 2013.

Every press release her office sends out – even if it’s three lines of text – includes a dated Microsoft Word document attachment. Regardless of what anyone says, the additional data costs to the state do add up and even the minuscule energy costs associated cost the taxpayer. There is no need to include an attachment that contains the same text in the email.

But back to the real issue. The real issue? It’s that she physically prints out documents and then re-scans them in order to turn them into PDFs to send out to the media.

Like this one:


It’s a document that could have easily been saved as a PDF, cutting file sizes and making everyone easier to read.

No, she’s not the only officeholder in state government to do this. With all of her youth, energy and professed innovation, it only makes sense that she would be the person to get with the times and force actual innovation and modernization of state government operations. She’s got the ability to do it. We’d love to see her be the first to take tiny, simple things like that seriously.