Of Course Repubs Want To Hide Economic Reality

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Rockcastle County Clerk Danetta Ford Allen asked state police to investigate after an audit found nearly $4,000 came into her office in 2011 but was not deposited in a bank. Such undeposited receipts can be an indication of theft. [H-L]

Dark money rises. About a week before election day, a young girl, maybe 10 years old, confronted Colorado House candidate Sal Pace in a pew at his Pueblo church. “She said, ‘Is it true that you want to cut my grandmother’s Medicare?'” Pace remembers. [ProPublica]

Take a look at this story about Jonathan Shell and Bud Montgomery. They’re running for the 36th District State House seat that includes Garrard County and a bunch of Madison. [Richmond Register]

Mouth-breathers and Ark Parkers will not appreciate these two stories that further shatter their mythical worldview. [BBC Here & Here]

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State finance officials are scheduled to meet Wednesday with investor Ed Hart to discuss his group’s proposal for reopening Kentucky Kingdom. [C-J/AKN]

In a surprise announcement, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg said Thursday that Hurricane Sandy had reshaped his thinking about the presidential campaign and that as a result he was endorsing President Obama. [NY Times]

Eastern Kentucky University, which said Monday it would comply with a decision by the state Attorney General’s Office that it must release personnel documents regarding former EKU Center for the Arts director Deb Hoskins, is now refusing to release the documents and appealing the decision. [H-L]

Senate Majority Leader Robert Stivers is hoping to run unopposed for Senate president. [WKYT]

His Lord High Hairgel Mittens Romney, having had a week to formulate an answer to a rather pertinent question that stupid “reporters” just would not stop asking him, has finally decided what his stance on FEMA is. [Wonkette]

The New York Times reported on Thursday that Senate Republicans applied pressure to the nonpartisan Congressional Research Service (CRS) in September, successfully persuading it to withdraw a report finding that lowering marginal tax rates for the wealthiest Americans had no effect on economic growth or job creation. [HuffPo]

1 thought on “Of Course Repubs Want To Hide Economic Reality

  1. In regards to the CRS article, I was wondering if you were going to link it into PageOne -glad you did.

    One of the things it shows me is the type of “game” our representatives manipulate (outright lie actually), and the public in general is clueless on so many levels. I’m including myself. I wish to God, someone will shed some light on this and take those representatives to task for suppressing this report.

    The problem is the MACHINE behind the government.

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