Everybody’s So Shocked That Romney’s Winning

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Andy Barr finally reveals where he stands on abortion and says it’s only okay if the mother’s life is in danger. Meaning you’ll just have to pay the price if you get raped. [H-L]

Barack Obama will not bring you wealth and prosperity (except for how he will totally mandate reparations, but shhhh), and Lincoln freed the slaves. [Wonkette]

Don’t Miss Comment on Kentucky tonight at 8:00 P.M. Eastern on KET. Scheduled guests: Joe Arnold, Jack Brammer, Tom Loftus. [KET]

Mortgage rates are so low that it may seem like a great time to get a mortgage. For banks, however, it probably is the greatest time ever. [ProPublica]

The author of a Congressional Research Service study, who found no evidence that tax cuts for high income earners lead to economic growth, is standing by his work, after the legislative branch’s nonpartisan research arm withdrew the report under pressure from Republican leaders. And Democratic principals are demanding to know why CRS caved to GOP pressure. [TPM]

If you haven’t been following Ruth Ann Election Fraud Palumbo’s Fakebook posts, you’re missing out. The sheer hilarity of it all is terrific. [Fakebook]

How shocked are you that Mittens Romney is going to beat Barack Obama by a million points in Kentucky? [C-J/AKN]

Sekulow, a Fox News legal analyst, has long backed Mittens Romney, whom he calls his friend. Sekulow advised Romney’s 2008 presidential campaign, and has reprised that role during the 2012 election. He and his group have also joined forces with anti-gay crusaders in Africa to criminalize homosexuality. [Mother Jones]

Al Smith’s autobiography, Wordsmith: My Life in Journalism, was the top seller at last year’s Kentucky Book Fair in Frankfort. But, as always, Smith had a lot more to say. So, two months shy of his 86th birthday, Smith will be back at this year’s book fair on Nov. 10 with another memoir. [H-L]

“Needs improvement.” That’s the classification the Fayette County School District received under new state testing standards. [WKYT]

Check out the fancy new school test scores for facilities in Madison County. [Richmond Register]

1 thought on “Everybody’s So Shocked That Romney’s Winning

  1. I argued with Brett Guthrie (during our KET debate) on how Bush’s tax credit for the wealthiest should expire and it would not affect job growth or the economy. I explained it was simple math; for every $250,000 in income, it would only increase their tax’s about $7,900 and their arguments that it would cost an employer to lay off an employee didn’t add up. And I went further to explain that it did not bring us out of a recession as expected over the last ten years. Brett jumped out of his seat and went on to rant and exclaimed that it is what saved the airline industry in 2002. Brett may have spent over $960,000 (and they call him a conservative) compared to our $8,600, to pulverize me in that campaign, but I am proud of the points we made and how they are on the forefront of this election cycle.
    The republican leadership should be examined and exposed for their untruths and misleading propaganda that exploits those that of are of uninformed electorate in our commonwealth. All it takes is someone with some backbone!

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