No Wonder KDP Never Has Money For Candidates

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Wondering why the Kentucky Democratic Party is a disaster that can win a simple Metro Council race? The Kentucky Democratic Central Executive Committee has transferred $350,000 over the past month to Ohio, where President Barack Obama is in a tight race with Republican challenger Mittens Romney. [H-L]

In today’s highly polarized political environment it is somewhat surprising to find voters who backed John McCain in 2008 and now support President Barack Obama, but they exist. [Reuters]

West Liberty University students and staff are returning to a tornado-ravaged town in Kentucky to help with continuing recovery efforts. [C-J/AKN]

You can’t even let your kids go to school in Ashland these days without them getting robbed on the playground. [Daily Independent]

The stock market is freaking out like Bill Paxton’s panicky marine in “Aliens,” yelling “Game over, man! Game over!” All because it’s afraid of losing Ben Bernanke. [HuffPo]

The departure of one of three statewide Medicaid operators next year is once again raising concerns about adequate medical coverage in parts of the state. Earlier this year, coverage was one of the issues brought up between Coventry Cares, another operator, and hospital chain Appalachian Regional Healthcare in a lawsuit over contract issues. [WFPL]

Mittens Romney has nothing really coherent or substantive to say about domestic policy, but at least he can sound energetic and confident about it. On foreign policy, the subject of Monday night’s final presidential debate, he had little coherent to say and often sounded completely lost. That’s because he has no original ideas of substance on most world issues, including Syria, Iran and Afghanistan. [NY Times]

A Harlan County coal company and two supervisors will plead guilty to charges they willfully violated federal mine-safety laws. Attorneys for Manalapan Mining Company and the employees filed court motions, including two on Monday, saying the three will plead guilty. [H-L]

Here’s another duh moment from campaign season for you. Facebook advertisements are a popular way for candidates to connect with voters, but a recent academic study suggests they aren’t actually that effective. [The Hill]

It must be awesome being a poor veteran living in Louisville. Because Greg Fischer’s administration allows you to suffer while being ignored. [The ‘Ville Voice]

Fox News once again hired ruddy shitmonster Frank Luntz to convene a panel of undecided voters who watch Fox News (read: Romney voters who want to be on Fox News). [Wonkette]

Mittens Romney raised some eyebrows during last night’s foreign policy debate when he suggested that Syria is Iran’s main route to the sea. A quick look at the map reveals that 1. Iran does not border Syria and 2. that Iran has access to the sea in both its north and south. [HuffPo]