Of Course It’s A Convicted Felon Running For Office

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Of course Carroll Hubbard is back again. A former Kentucky congressman whose political career ended in scandal some 20 years ago is attracting big money from donors who want to help him win a seat in the state Senate where he began a tumultuous trek in 1968. [AP]

Snow from Sandy has stopped falling in Kentucky, but plenty of people are still dealing with the mess it left behind. Heavy, wet snow snapped trees and power lines. [WKYT]

Americans aren’t just evenly divided in the 2012 election; they’re practically fleeing the political middle. [WaPo]

Eight years ago, Will T. Scott narrowly unseated Supreme Court Justice Janet Stumbo in an Eastern Kentucky race that included bare-knuckled broadsides and charges of deceit. Now, with Scott as the incumbent and Stumbo trying to win back the seat, the rematch is no nicer. [H-L]

Mittens Romney says he wants to give states more power to deal with disasters like Hurricane Sandy. But his running mate’s budget plan would threaten states’ ability to respond to massive storms, some experts say. [Politico]

There could be hundreds of new jobs coming to Toyota’s Georgetown, Kentucky plant. A new product will help the company, and its plans to expand. [WDRB]

New signs emerged Monday that a controversial nonprofit may have misled the Internal Revenue Service not only about its political activities but also about support from a purported donor. [ProPublica]

Debra Hoskins, former executive director of the EKU Center for the Arts, is seeking to block the university’s release of her personnel records, according to Judy Spain, legal counsel for Eastern Kentucky University. [Richmond Register]

Monday’s mammoth storm that caused severe flooding, damage and fatalities to the eastern U.S. will raise pressure on Congress and the next president to address the impacts of climate change as the price tag for extreme weather disasters escalates. [Reuters]

Here’s a boring look at mail pieces in one of Louisville’s school board race districts. [The ‘Ville Voice]

As this long election comes to end, Superstorm Sandy is offering a chance for President Obama to showcase his leadership skills one last time. [NPR]

Kentucky Family Values Ads Pulled From The Air

Yesterday, Kentucky Family Values had its radio ad pulled from the airwaves in Paducah.

The spot attacked 2nd House District candidate Richard Health:

“It’s election time. Time to take stock of the men who are asking us to entrust them with your vote.

If a man is willing to bear false witness just to win an election, how can we ever trust him in office?

Well that’s what Richard Heath, the politician who wants to be our State Representative, is doing right now.

Heath’s family businesses have received thousands of dollars in subsidies from the federal government.

But listen to what Heath is telling supporters when he thinks no one is listening:

(Heath Audio Clip) …we built that family business as a family. The government was not involved.

Not involved?

Official government documents reveal Heath’s family businesses have received thousands of dollars in government farm subsidies.

It’s all right there in black and white.

If Heath is willing to mislead us about his business, how can we trust him with the people’s business in Frankfort?”

Unfortunately for Kentucky Family Values, which is funded by Jack Conway and the Kentucky Justice Association, among others? The business in the supporting documents is owned by Sammy Heath, Richard’s brother. Richard’s business – which he was referring to – has never received government farm subsidies.

And the claim that he says scandalous things when he thinks no one is listening? Um… the audio clip used was of him giving a speech at flipping Fancy Farm. HA.

Steve Robertson sent a cease and desist letter and the ad was removed.

You’d think Robertson would have the balls to stand up against the PAC in the 16th District race. But he doesn’t. Because Jeff Hoover and Jim DeCesare won’t let him.

But this is proof the PAC is pushing bogus claims on the radio.

Mittens Romney Really Will Say Anything To Win

And this new welfare ad proves it:

Unfortunately for Mittens? He’s full of bile.

Says who? NPR, NY Times, CNN, Washington Post.

“Now that his false claims about Jeep moving to China have been debunked, Mitt Romney’s desperation has brought him back to his old welfare lie – showing once again that there’s nothing he won’t say to win this election. The welfare attack he repeats in his new ad has been called false by every major fact-checking organization, President Clinton, Newt Gingrich, and a Republican architect of welfare reform. If the American people can’t trust Mitt Romney’s words in his campaign ads, how could they ever trust him with the presidency?” – our pal Lis Smith, Obama Camp spokescritter.

Heckuva Job Brownie Returns To Idiot Spotlight

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The Republican Party of Kentucky wrongly claimed that Republican Ben Chandler voted for ObamaCare. [H-L]

The Kentucky Commission on Tax Reform is planning to ask for an extension. That’s according to commission chair and Lieutenant Governor Jerry Abramson, who says there are too many options for reforming the state tax code to fully consider by the November 15th deadline. [WFPL]

Steve Beshear will be in West Liberty this afternoon. Beware, folks, it’s not just some man wearing a papaw mask trying to scare you. [Press Release]

Can you imagine what would happen to Chris Hightower if these were on his Facebook page? Martha Jane King apparently doesn’t practice what she preaches. [Ruh Ro Moment]

After more than a decade working side by side, the two men rarely talk these days. But Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and Steven Law, his trusted former aide, remain a powerful combined force in Washington. Law heads American Crossroads and Crossroads GPS, conservative groups whose $300 million budget has allowed them to outspend every other interest group in this election, as well as the Democratic National Committee. [WaPo]

A sting of vitriol-laden text messages hit voters’ phones Tuesday night, blasting President Barack Obama with anti-gay attacks and false claims. [HuffPo]

Because he’s a flipping hypocrite? Or maybe he just doesn’t want people to know he’s a full-on bigot? Republican Andy Barr pledged Tuesday to sponsor a constitutional amendment every year he is in Congress to limit terms of its members and remained mum on whether he believes there are any circumstances when abortion should be legal. [Bluegrass Politics]

Mittens Romney’s misleading new advertisement is causing auto workers to fear they’re losing their jobs. The ad falsely claims car company Chrysler is moving its Jeep production to China, when in fact the company is opening up additional production there, not shifting American jobs overseas. [Think Progress]

Alison Lundergan Grimes is making some wild predictions about Kentuckians voting in record numbers. We all know that is not going to happen. [BGDN]

Way to go, Laurel County, you win two awful awards today. We knew it wouldn’t take long for you to make it back into the spotlight. [WKYT Here & Here]

This fun stuff with Louisville’s corrupt Metro Council will melt your brain. Attorney Ann Sheadel, who will act as the judge in Barbara Shanklin’s ethics hearing next week, said Tuesday that she will ask all members of the Ethics Commission if they can be fair and decide the case based only on the evidence presented during the hearing. [C-J/AKN]

Michael Brown, the former FEMA director infamously praised by President George W. Bush for doing a “heckuva job” during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, told a local paper that President Barack Obama acted too quickly in mobilizing relief for Superstorm Sandy. [HuffPo]