An Awful Chinese Restaurant Joke Just Wrote Itself

At least she wasn’t wielding a sword? A knife-wielding woman assaulted three people in an attempted robbery early Wednesday at a Perry County convenience store. [H-L]

Aww, Mittens Romney is less popular than George W. Bush. The national survey, conducted by Bloomberg News and released Wednesday, found that Bush received a favorable rating of 46 percent, while Romney’s favorable rating was 43 percent. [HuffPo]

President Barack Obama maintains a lead (49-42) over Republican challenger Mittens Romney with 40 days left until the November 6 election, the latest Reuters/Ipsos poll said on Thursday. [Reuters]

Ruh ro – the state DUI instructor pleaded guilty to falsifying DUI program completion forms. [OAG Release]

General JC Christian, Patriot, points us to these sad LDS sex-rules that are doubtless responsible for making Miffed and Egg Romney such delightful humans to be around. [Wonkette]

A Chinese restaurant forced to shut its doors after getting caught with a dead deer in the kitchen. It happened Thursday afternoon at the Red Flower Chinese Restaurant in Williamsburg. [WKYT]

Illegal mafia organ transplant guy, Michael Karpf, sent this out: Sergio Melgar will no longer be Chief Financial Officer or Senior Vice President of UK HealthCare. Murray Clark has agreed to assume the duties of the Chief Financial Officer on an interim basis. A search for a permanent Chief Financial Officer will begin soon. [UK Email Blast]

Rumors that the Army has a long-term plan to phase out conventional operations at the Blue Grass Army Depot are just that, rumors, according to Brig. Gen. Kevin O’Connell, head of the Army’s Joint Munitions Command. [Richmond Register]

To curb prescription drug abuse, Kentucky started in July requiring people with long-term prescriptions for controlled substances to submit to urine testing. The tests determine if patients take their drugs, rather than sell them, and if other, unprescribed drugs are in their systems. [John Cheves]

Under Romney’s proposed health care plan, American families buying non-group health insurance would pay nearly double what they pay under Obamacare, according to a new study by Families USA entitled “ObamaCare versus RomneyCare versus RomneyCandidateCare.” [HuffPo]

A car ran a stop sign and struck a JCPS school bus en route to Frost Middle School Friday morning, causing the bus to overturn and sending 51 students to area hospitals, officials said. [C-J/AKN]

Accused Colorado gunman James Holmes made threats to a university psychiatrist before a July shooting at a midnight screening of “The Dark Knight Rises” that killed 12 people, according to court documents released on Friday. [Reuters]

Recurring Theme In Cockfighting Comments We Get

There appears to be a recurring theme among those leaving comments regarding cockfighting in Kentucky:

john // Sep 24, 2012 at 4:40 pm

you people that are against cockfighting are as ignorant as the words you typed. Gamefowl will fight till theres a winner , dead or beaten down till he can’t move, this is their nature, they do this with or without the help of mankind. They are so dominant when the turn of age they will fight their siblings and their father to the death. So for those people that man makes them fight are completely ignorant to the heritage and breeding ,prestige of a gamerooster’s life. And by the way if the gamefowl isn’t wanting to stick around and fight a more dominant gamefowl, there isn’t anything that you or I can do to make him stay, if he doesn’t want to fight,he won’t, and who are we to tell two of god’s creatures that they can’t fight for there honor, home family and their life. God created them for their purpose and beauty. Man didn’t. Come to think about we send our boys and girls out to fight in other countries to be world policeman. They die in other countries protecting my rights, I don’t see the enemy on my ground, we are always sticking our nose in other countries that don’t like americans, so our families pay the price. Let them come to my house and i will show the foreigner’s what fighting is Red Dawn is just a movie , but same principal’s. Have a nice day.

Anyone able to spot that theme?

If you guessed: people most likely to have appeared on COPS with a severe inability to communicate in written English? You win a prize.

More proof Kentucky’s educational system is failing its citizens.

Brent Yonts Lies About Blame For The KRS Mess

When a legislator lies and obfuscates in an attempt to deflect responsibility, we automatically assume they’re more corrupt than Steve Henry or Julian Carroll.

So get a load of what Brent Yonts had to say recently:

Lawmakers and many of you want to know who, exactly, is to blame for the pension mess. Well, according to consultant Dr. Josh McGee with the Arnold Foundation, blame cannot be assigned. When the economy does not perform as well as assumed, costs rise. And costs rise when revenues are falling, he said, which make it difficult for legislators to choose between fully funding pensions–as we should–and other essential budget priorities.

Unfortunately for Yonts, who is on a plausible deniability tour with the “task force,” he’s sorely mistaken. People in attendance of those meetings say McGee didn’t make those specific claims. And even if he did, he’s completely wrong/lying through his teeth.

Frankfort legislators are 100% to blame. The state legislature has consistently chosen to underfund and raid the pension system. It doesn’t help that they, legislators, established a cost of living allowance that can’t be funded – by law – from their current budget allocations.

Since 2005, state legislators like Brent Yonts have underfunded Kentucky Retirement Systems by $948 million. They’ve also maintained a cost of living adjustments program that KRS was forced to carry as a long-term liability that amounts to $995 million.

Take a look:


Note: The above screengrab was taken from page 55 of this document (Warning: PDF Link).

It doesn’t help matters that for years KRS has lost hundreds of millions of dollars in potential investment returns. All thanks to state legislators like Brent Yonts who have consistently caused a shortfall in annually required contributions.

So just in case you were wondering why Brent Yonts and many other legislators in Frankfort are flat-out lying about? There’s part of it. Brent Yonts and other legislators are absolutely to blame for the pension disaster.

How Do You Lose To Ben Chandler Two Times?

You allow a coal executive – not merely a lowly coal miner – to play a spot in a campaign commercial as lowly coal miner… and then queen out when someone sheds light on it.

And then you run a minute-long ad featuring that coal executive instead of running a spot that promotes your candidacy:

Continuing to push a made-up “war” on coal and claiming Obama and Chandler are responsible for lost mining jobs. Despite, of course, the coal industry saying jobs were lost as a result in lower demand for the Kentucky product.

It’s Been A Minute Since A Sword Crime Occurred

Kentucky is one of the most aggressive states in the nation for rooting out pharmaceutical fraud, according to a report released Thursday by a non-profit watchdog group. [H-L]

Here’s yet another look at how Andy Barr is losing to Republican Ben Chandler as he lies and lies and lies about health care and, well, everything. It’s time for him to get new consultants. [CN|2]

Doris White is a Republican. She’s also 67 and on Medicare and so far she hasn’t made up her mind how she’ll vote in the 6th Congressional District race between incumbent Democrat Ben Chandler and Republican challenger Andy Barr. [Ronnie Ellis]

An actress who said she was duped into appearing in an anti-Islam film that stoked violent protests across the Muslim world took her legal bid to federal court on Wednesday in a renewed effort to force it off YouTube. [Reuters]

After burning through more than $13 million from a property sale and a one-time state funding boost, the Kentucky State Fair Board’s revised 2012-2013 budget shows a $5.4 million deficit. [C-J/AKN]

Police arrest a man after responding to a bizarre call from his neighbors. Georgetown police received calls complaining about an intoxicated man waving a samuri sword. [WKYT]

Let’s not forget the thousands who have fallen off the jobless rolls and the tens of thousands who are severely underemployed. Unemployment rates fell in 98 of Kentucky’s 120 counties in August, according to data released by the state Office of Employment and Training. Twenty counties saw their rates increase compared to August 2011, while two stayed the same. [H-L]

Former New Hampshire Gov. John Sununu had harsh words for President Obama on Thursday, implying that the president’s administration is responsible for the death of a U.S. ambassador that happened “on its watch.” [HuffPo]

Perhaps you thought Mittens Romney’s time in France, in 1968, while raking in Dick Cheney-level numbers of military deferments from serving in Vietnam, was all sunshine and brie. Spoiler alert: it was. [Wonkette]

The Labor Department says a Thursday settlement in the 2007 Crandall Canyon mine disaster clearly leaves mine owner Murray Energy with “acknowledged responsibility for the failures that led to the tragedy.” [WFPL]

Have you been keeping up with the 99 problems at Kentucky Educational Television that the Beshear Administration swept under the rug? [Page One]