Kentucky Is Blessed With Another Litigious Birther

The Flying Spaghetti Monster is trying to tell the Republicans that their shenanigans are unacceptable. [Ruh Ro]

We hear a sad 50ish people paid the $100 necessary to hang out with Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul the other day. [Sad Stories]

The fallout has begun just one day after a federal appeals court scrapped a major EPA rule designed to curb long-distance drifting power plant pollution — and Louisville’s air quality may pay the price. [C-J/AKN]

“Real Americans” say it’s those other people taking government handouts who are the real problem. Not them, who also take gubmint handouts. [Wonkette]

This is a rather scathing editorial about Mitch McConnell’s tendency to hype when it comes to terrorists and scaring meemaws. [H-L]

Republicans are coming completely unglued this year. Frank Szabo wants the people of Hillsborough County, N.H., to know that if they elect him as sheriff this year, he will do whatever it takes to stop doctors from performing abortions — even if that means using deadly force [TPM]

Mammoth Cave National Park has named a new superintendent, and she is the first woman to serve in that capacity in the park’s history. [WFPL]

American soldiers recall that in Iraq in 2007 an “awakening” of Sunni tribes who turned on al-Qaeda in their midst did more than anything to improve security. So excitement has grown since reports emerged earlier this summer of clashes between villagers and the Taliban in Andar district in Ghazni province, south of the capital. [The Economist]

Another Kentucky birther. A Louisville anesthesiologist has asked a Frankfort court to bar President Barack Obama from the November ballot. [C-J/AKN]

Even in the face of repeated debunkings by journalists, Romney’s presidential campaign has continued to produce new ads falsely claiming that President Barack Obama ended the requirement that people on welfare, formally known as Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, engage in work. [HuffPo]

Signals from the U.S. Federal Reserve that another dose of stimulus measures could come “fairly soon” lifted global shares on Thursday and pushed the dollar to a two-month low, outweighing poor economic data from China and Europe. [Reuters]

The Eastern Kentucky logger killed in an accident was able to make a telephone call to his mother to tell her goodbye. [WKYT]

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  1. The WKYT story about the logger’s death should be labeled “not safe for work.” I’m having a dickens of a time explaining to my co-workers the muffled sobbing in my little cubicle.

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