Dear Democrats: Your Actions Speak Quite Loudly

Martha Jane King has built what little bit of a campaign she’s got on Kentucky allegedly beating Tennessee on the job creation front.

We’re guessing that’s why she went to Tennessee with Greg Stumbo and Rocky “Give My Friend A Job At The Jail” Adkins to tour a factory:


Just like she outsourced her website to a guy in Tennessee.

Actions, sadly, speak louder than words. When Democrats say one thing and do another? Teabaggers win.

3 thoughts on “Dear Democrats: Your Actions Speak Quite Loudly

  1. A resident of Kentucky who works in Tennessee and is commenting from Tennessee at this very moment… because that’s where he works and where all of the work was done on her site.

    Meaning her dollars are going to Tennessee – not Kentucky. At an address that resolves to an apartment.

    Does your boss at Belle Meade Plantation know you’re doing non-BMP work – i.e., commenting here for an outside client – while on the clock and from a work computer network?

  2. Hmmm. I know that building. It’s apartments. Sounds like he also lives in Tennessee. Woops. Can’t blame him, Nashville is an awesome town.

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