Another Look At UK Med Center’s Financial Mess

Last week we started taking a look at Dr. Michael Karpf and the University of Kentucky Medical Center’s problems.

They’re mostly financial but there’s a lot of nervousness at UK about Karpf’s history at UCLA involving illegal organ transplantation and the Japanese mob. Yes, really.

But it goes deeper. Karpf’s official reason for leaving UCLA to come to Kentucky was over the sinking fiscal ship that he’d been captaining. Now UK’s boat is beginning to sink with something like $100 million going overboard.

One of Karpf’s top guys? Sergio Melgar, the Senior Vice President for Health Affairs and Chief Financial Officer at UK. It likely won’t come as a surprise to you that he was the CFO for UCLA Medical Sciences from 1994 to 2004.

Meaning he was Karpf’s financial guy at UCLA.

Karpf jumped ship and then sent out a life raft for Melgar. And they started their game up again in Lexington.

Karpf and Melgar may be nice people but let’s not pretend this mess isn’t turning into a nightmare for UK.

2 thoughts on “Another Look At UK Med Center’s Financial Mess

  1. Oh, Melgar was also at UCLA during the liver sales?! How cute! So, did they sell some at UK or not? Rumors were…

  2. “A Case of Not Doing Due Diligence?”

    One wonders if the UK fiasco could have been avoided had the search committee and/or search firm (the latter is typically a huge waste of money) done their jobs. Something like the same grossly derelict bodies that dropped the football and brought in the infamous Felner to UofL. When will we ever learn?

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