Woah, One Of These Requires A Literal Pee Alert

Something tells us Shelbyville is about to have a really fancy and expensive legal battle on its hands over sidewalks. And it involves Jack Conway. Note: He has time to waste on sidewalks but not on Kentucky Retirement Systems. [WAVE3]

Have you seen this half-baked Associated Press story about Eggners Ferry Bridge cleanup? Something doesn’t smell right. Oh, right, it’s the part where there’s no mention of the whole mess likely being the state’s fault. [H-L]

HAHAHA, here’s how badly disconnected Jerry Abramson is from reality: He’d never heard of the hemp issue in Kentucky until some kids in Berea brought it up. [Huge Pee Alert]

Don’t miss Comment on Kentucky tonight at 8:00 P.M. Eastern on KET. It probably won’t be boring. Scheduled guests: Jack Brammer, Tom Loftus, Amanda Van Benschoten. [KET]

Let’s talk for a minute about how truly disconnected from American life Mittens Romney is. [Slate]

Arctic riches unlocked by global warming will not begin to make up for the costs of climate change. [The Economist]

It’s borderline sad that the teabaggers still don’t realize they’ve been co-opted/conned into doing the work of these mega-wealthy brothers. [Politico]

A Chinese state-security official arrested this year on allegations of spying for Washington is suspected to have compromised some of China’s U.S. agents in a major setback that angered President Hu Jintao, sources said. And America still treats China as an ally and everything is puppies and rainbows, Amen. [Reuters]

Once you scrape away the subterfuge, you see clearly that Patton, president of the University of Pikeville, has used their names for political coverage and to help mask the fact that his university received the lion’s share of the scholarship money while small satellite operations will receive the scraps. [H-L]

Wait, what was that, again, about the Earth only being 5,000 or 6,000-years-old? [BBC]

Legal aid for the poor is in a state of crisis. Nearly 50 years ago, the Supreme Court ruled that people accused of a crime deserve the right to a defense lawyer, no matter whether they can afford to pay for one. But there’s no such guarantee when it comes to civil disputes — like evictions and child custody cases — even though they have a huge impact on people’s lives. [NPR]

There are no words for this: A Louisville man is accused of urinating Thursday afternoon onto the merchandise at a Cox’s Smokers Outlet, according to an arrest report. [C-J/AKN]

Everybody is so freaked out over the instant racing ruling today that they can’t sit still, apparently. [WKYT]

2 thoughts on “Woah, One Of These Requires A Literal Pee Alert

  1. “Mitt Meets a Foreign Object”

    Mitt: “What’s that chocolate doughy thing? Don’t tell me, I think I saw it as a kid at the candy store my mom took me to. Is it an inflated chocolate chip cookie? Maybe a Mounds bar souffle? It’s some kind of sweet, for sure. Would it be good fried? I liked that sort of stuff at the Iowa Fair. OK, I give up: what is it?”

  2. The hemp/marijuna issue is very similar to the salvia issue. Salvia divinorum (diviner’s sage) is illegal – yet all other forms of salvia are perfectly legal and useful. (Salvia is a common ornamental flower, and is also used in cooking – the sage one puts in the Thanksgiving dressing.)

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