Is Frankfort The New Crime Capital Of The State?

Wait, now Mitch McConnell is afraid to ask for an Obama Administration official to resign? Seems out of character for him. [TPM]

Yesterday was another bad day for Jack Conway. A federal magistrate judge has scheduled a settlement conference in Merck & Co.’s challenge of Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway’s contract with private attorneys, but it won’t be for several months. [LegalNewsline]

The successors to a company that developed McCreary County’s coal industry more than a century ago are liable for toxic releases from unreclaimed mine sites, the federal government has alleged. [H-L]

If you live in Frankfort, you should probably just go ahead and move so you don’t get held at gunpoint in your own home. [WKYT]

Josiah Erasmus Buford “Jeb” Bush is just stone cold goin’ nuts, doing that thing that all Republicans do when they’ve decided that they’re not going to run for office anytime soon, which is to admit that the Republican party is completely insane. [Wonkette]

All Greg Fischer can do is call the folks responsible for the recent bout of gun violence in Louisville “knuckleheads.” Meanwhile, all of the West End, several community leaders and even a Metro Councilwoman are questioning Greg’s “task force” that isn’t solving anything. [WHAS11]

Appalachian Regional Healthcare argued for a federal injunction against Medicaid contractor Coventry Cares on Tuesday as negotiations for a new agreement between the two have stalled. [C-J/AKN]

You can’t even be elderly and sit in your Knott County home without being robbed these days. [H-L]

A racist and a “pro-business” PAC gave Hal Rogers an award. Because he’s bought and paid for. [WYMT]

Nebraska grew more popcorn than any other state last year, and Omaha is home to ConAgra Foods, the corporate giant whose brands run from the classic Orville Redenbacher’s to Fiddle Faddle, Poppycock, Crunch ‘n Munch and Screaming Yellow Zonkers! But don’t expect straight answers from Nebraska’s two U.S. Senate offices about 31 words tucked into a more than 1,000-page farm bill to give popcorn — well — a little more pop. [Politico]

A national hotline for human trafficking victims received calls from about 10,000 individuals last year, from every state in the union. 438 calls came from Kentucky with 59 being crisis calls. [NPR & Polaris Project]

Imagine a world of spiralling food prices, water shortages and soaring energy costs. For many living in the world today, this nightmare scenario is already a reality. Even for the well-off living in developed economies, it is becoming all too familiar. [BBC]

Most governments say they want to encourage entrepreneurs. Yet when foreigners with ideas come knocking, they slam doors in their faces. America, surprisingly, is one of the worst offenders. [The Economist]

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  1. Even President Obama has taken to speaking well of Reagan, so let’s give a little slack to the Jebster for invoking the dead for his own purposes. Best for both that even the Great Communicator can’t deliver from the grave. Isn’t it interesting that Bill Clinton is driving the Obama folks crazy with his campaign “help” and now here comes the son of a one term President (Reagan’s third) and brother of a two term President who has been disappeared, Soviet style, from Republican memories shooting his mouth off about his own party. Bush, Clinton, Bush…..? At least Hillary truly wants a Romney victory in November.

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