Hal Rogers Pretends To Be Unaware of Protestors

He can keep wishing in one hand… Republican Senate President David Williams said his beef with Democratic Gov. Steve Beshear isn’t personal. Instead, he said he’s disappointed that the governor hasn’t done more while in office. [Ryan Alessi]

So this priest sexual abuse thing is not exactly new. One of Kentucky’s longest-serving state lawmakers and strongest advocates for children has publicly acknowledged that he was sexually abused by a Catholic priest while in junior high school. [H-L]

President Barack Obama’s streak of getting pounded in major fossil fuel states’ Democratic primaries may be over. [Politico]

A freshman Democratic senator thinks he may have found a way to encourage investment in wind, solar and biofuel projects without sapping too many taxpayer dollars or injecting new venom into a bitter partisan battle over energy incentives. [Reuters]

Military suicides have surged – nearly one per day this year. That’s 50% more suicides than Afghanistan combat fatalities, the fastest pace in a decade of war. [HuffPo]

WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE!!1! Indiana health officials say the West Nile virus has been confirmed among mosquitoes in the state weeks earlier than last year. [WFPL]

You can’t even go to Lowe’s in Pikeville these days without almost getting shot. [WKYT]

LG&E and KU want to jack your gas and electricity rates up again. Meanwhile, the company continues to play pat-a-cake with a coal ash/waste pond that is causing nothing but nightmares. [C-J/AKN]

The Department of Defense has announced four units, including two from Fort Campbell, that will deploy to Afghanistan this year. [H-L]

One of the many reasons Kentucky is screwed: House Republicans have included a provision in a transportation bill that prohibits EPA regulation of coal ash. Kentucky Congressman Ed Whitfield says that’s an important provision. [WEKU]

You can’t even sit at home in Lexington these days without having armed men break into your house. [WLEX18]

Country club gossip bulletin the New York Times has finally done the important journalistic work of sending a reporter down to southern California to lurk around the driveway of Mitt Romney’s beachfront La Jolla mansion and quiz the neighbors for dirt on all of his annoying domestic habits. [Wonkette]

Obviously, abortion is the number one problem facing the United States of America. The banks are fine, economy is fine, jobs situation is perfect. [HuffPo]

11 thoughts on “Hal Rogers Pretends To Be Unaware of Protestors

  1. “On Military Suicides and Disgrace”

    They go to corrupt, unnecessary wars (over and over again). They are treated badly by the same government that sent them to war once they come home. So, the suicides are not really unexpected. The disgrace of the nation is expected.

  2. I can think of no circumstances, under any American President, where we would not have sent troops into Afghanistan following the 9-11 attacks upon our cities, especially considering all of the un-answered attacks upon us by the same terrorists beginning with the World Trade Center bombing in 1993. That said, now that we all seem ok with an American President shuffling index cards and delivering drone attacks anytime, anyplace with no Congressional consultation, the question now is why are boots still on the ground in a Flintstoneville like Afghanistan? Even state college hillbillies like me know that when we do leave Karzei and his corrupt cronies will be right behind us buying up luxurious digs in London, Paris and New York and making the day of lucky bankers who get multi- billion dollar deposits, all made possible by strapped American taxpayers. It’s like stupid pills on a loop.

  3. The total disconnect from those in leadership and those who are suffering is what is wrong with Frankfort and Washington. Instead of really working towards solutions, we have senseless political posturing at the cost of those who really matter, our children, seniors, gay community, women and workers. I have very little tolerance for those whose close their minds and the spirit of cooperation to work together at a time when it is most needed.
    This is why recently, I’ve shared my disappointment with our KDP and its leadership.
    As far as the Williams and Beshear feud, I find it immature and nonprofessional. Both of these leaders could come to terms if they would just remind themselves of the suffering our citizens of our Commonwealth, in fact, maybe we need to define what the word commonwealth means for them.
    I’ve always enjoyed talking to both Williams and Beshear one on one and find them both to be congenial, humorous and down to earth, but when I see reports of political rhetoric, I feel someone has to remind them of us, the ones that are still suffering.

  4. “I Think Jocko is Part Right”

    Yes, it is plainly evident to most people (except those who make the decisions) that we should have been out of Afghanistan long ago. Every soldier I talk to who has been there says the same and claims there will be no change there for hundreds or thousands of years. As for getting into that war in the first place (and Iraq was a complete duplicity, as the informed public knew all along), Kerry was right: it called for a police action, not all-out war on a nation. After all, it was a police action operation that got Osama.

  5. A “police action” got Osama? Looked like a missile to me. Osama would have preferred water boarding.

  6. Good catch Jake. So many drone missles I forgot Seal Team Six. I hope I never run into cops like them

  7. Good catch Jake. So many drone missiles I forgot Seal Team Six. I hope I never run into cops like them

  8. Fran Tilley, the Granada Invasion was a police action as well, it’s is best decribed as military action without declaring all out war, hence we went after Osama on foreign soil without the need to notify congress.

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