9 thoughts on “Rand Paul Now Defending The Bain Shenanigans

  1. What Bain did or did not do is neither right or wrong. It’s business, and sometimes (unfortunately) in a somewhat free marketplace ‘creative destruction’ takes place.
    Did the federal government not engage in a bit of ‘creative destruction’ when it took an interest in GM and Chrysler?….ummmm….yeah. They jettisoned what they had to and kept what could still yeild profitability.

  2. The point is not that it’s right or wrong legally.

    It’s that it’s part of Romney’s history and is relevant to the conversation about his qualifications to lead this country.

  3. I get that, and since Mitt has often enough presented himself as a job creator, it’s definitely fair game.
    But I grow so flippin tired of politicians (who can’t balance a budget or even give an honest assessment of future budgeting) trying to get all sanctimonious about some very ‘normal’ free market creative destruction.
    In most cases, had Bain not gone in and done the knife-work on their acquisitions…someone else would have…and for politicians to presume otherwise is disingenuous.
    To be honest, I would be more impressed with Romney/Bain had they actually been committed to, and been successful in actually rescuing distressed companies…but often enough they weren’t.
    If Mitten’s business history is relevant (it is) , then Barack Obama’s lack of any business experience should STILL be relevant to the conversation (but it doesn’t appear to be). It’d be nice to have his business decision making/management record to reference…but there is none.

  4. You’re getting lost in some teabagger rhetoric.

    Mittens’ business experience is relevant because HE says it is.

    Binack Nobama doesn’t mention business experience.

  5. Hey, a bean counter can show you how to cut cost, but they can’t show you how to create jobs. So what was Bain again?

  6. I’m not getting lost in TB rhetoric.
    I’m just getting fed up with political-types going back and forth about this crap acting like they’re the only ones who care, while the other guys don’t…all the while small business (especially small manufacturing) is being drowned by or offered up for sacrifice to the mega-corporate interests…by the politicians.

  7. …and I do wish “The Pauls” (both doctors) would NOT take it upon themselves to explain how business works to me.
    Down here in the trenches…all the theoretical musings don’t help much.

  8. Bean counters know how to create a product that the masses will buy at the cost the product demands. Forever and ever, Amen.

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