Another EKY Pastor Spews Out Political Tripe

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is not backing down on its promise to engage in the most aggressive campaign operation in its 100 year history, despite a recent court decision that would require disclosure of secret donors behind issue ads. [Politico]

This was a dumb idea in Lexington to begin with, right? Who comes up with something like that? [H-L]

OH GOD NOW RED CHINA IS JUST COLD TAKIN OVER THE MOVIES!!!1! A Chinese conglomerate announced Monday it will buy a major U.S. cinema chain, AMC Entertainment Holdings, for $2.6 billion in China’s biggest takeover of an American company to date. [NPR]

In a time when gay satan has plagued the churches with rampant homosexual battles, a breath of fresh air has been given to those on the side of good. This story is absolutely crazy. [Wonkette]

The Kentucky Democratic Republican Party will pretend this isn’t based in reality: Obama, as we’ve noted before, has performed especially poorly in West Virginia and Oklahoma, where he took less than 60 percent of the vote. (His top opponent in West Virginia was a federal inmate in Texas, while in Oklahoma it was an anti-abortion rights activist). Obama also took just 77 percent in Louisiana, where several other candidates split up the vote. In the same vein, the Arkansas and Kentucky primaries tonight are likely to include significant numbers of Democrats spurning the president. In the former, Obama faces a one-on-one contest against attorney John Wolfe , while in the latter, he faces the “uncommitted” option. [WaPo]

A rare slip-up by lawyers has helped shed some light on a high-profile legal battle, the details of which some of the largest Wall Street firms have been fighting to keep under wraps. [The Economist]

If you’ve spent much time consuming conservative media lately, you’ve probably learned about a slow-burning “race war” going on in America today. [BuzzFeed]

Election problems were minimal by the middle of the day because next to no one showed up to vote. [H-L]

Here’s an interesting look at Joplin a year later. Is this the future for Eastern Kentucky? [HuffPo]

Late last Friday, Buzzfeed reporter and Rolling Stone contributor Michael Hastings broke what looked like a big scoop: Congress was quietly planning to lift a 64-year-old law preventing the US government from using propaganda on its own citizenry. Before the House passed its defense budget bill Friday afternoon, Hastings reported, a bipartisan group of congressmen tacked on an amendment that would “essentially neutralize” a set of time-tested guidelines “that had been passed to protect U.S. audiences from our own government’s misinformation campaigns.” [Mother Jones]

A Washington-based watchdog group says an eastern Kentucky Baptist pastor violated federal law when he urged his followers to vote President Barack Obama out of office in November. [WKYT]

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  1. “Sometimes Only God Knows”

    The anti-gay pastor of Hager Hill Freewill Baptist Church in eastern KY apparently allows his flock “free will” only in an ironic sense. His form of free will is evidently to force his own obnoxious ideology on them. I thought such Baptists believed that every individual is created in God’s image and has the capacity to exert free will. Someone needs to set the “Right Reverend” STRAIGHT and free him of his prejudices. I also thought we were all God’s children. What say yee, discriminatory shepherd of your brethren and sisters?

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