Rogers Still Dripping Bacon Grease Like Crazy

Really? You’re shocked that former Massey CEO Don Blankenship was part of Steve Beshear’s Kentucky Derby entourage? And that all of his biggest donors got first pick of the best 360 seats at Churchill Downs? [CJ/AKN Here & Here]

Donors to Hal Rogers (shocker!) got a sweet deal from the government to sell them $6.5 million worth of $17,000 drip pans. All thanks to Rogers’ fancy earmarks. [NYT]

A small group of anti-war demonstrators staged a peaceful “die in” on Thursday at President Barack Obama’s election campaign headquarters in Chicago to demand an end to the war in Afghanistan and unmanned drone aircraft attacks overseas. [Reuters]

Oh, please. These Democrats are only a member of ALEC so they can go on trips for free. The same as every other Democrat and Republican in the state legislature. [WFPL]

Roger Alford spends almost every waking moment attacking this website and loving the teabaggers. So here’s more on his obsession with them. [H-L]

The Republicans are still terrified of President Barack Obama and they can’t stop foaming at the mouth. Chris Christie tried to eat everybody. And there’s no way the RPK is raising much cash with K.C. Crosbie at the helm. Won’t be long til that joint is as bad off as the KDP. [Ronnie Ellis]

In a nondescript building next to the Hard Rock Cafe in downtown Washington, a group of lawyers gathers every fortnight to bicker in public. [The Economist]

Even the NAACP has decided it doesn’t hate the gays and supports gay marriage. [Reuters]

And Maryland has decided that the gays can now get gay divorced. So. Get ready for all kinds of gay fighting. [BBC]

The Paulbots are slowly beginning to eat each other alive. It’s almost interesting watching them foam at the mouth now that their overlord has admitted permanent defeat. [Politico]

When MaryAnn Nellis tried to pay for groceries on April 14, her credit card was declined. Later, she said, she found out why: Her credit card company, Capital One, had flagged an earlier purchase as potentially fraudulent. The problem? A $5 donation to Friends of Scott Walker, the Wisconsin governor’s campaign committee, Nellis said. [ProPublica]

This whole “war on coal” scam is near-death. Almost no one believes there’s actually an effort to kill coal forever. The mouth-breathers like Bill Bissett and the Kentucky Coal Association continue to push that non-sense and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars attacking anyone who dares question mountaintop removal or dares suggest the world consider other energy options. [The Hill]

I’ll Have Another overtook Bodemeister, blazing down the stretch to win the Preakness in the final strides Saturday and keep alive his hopes of winning the Triple Crown. [NPR]

Nope, Chris Christie didn’t rip his suit while in Lexington. He apparently ripped Barack Obama. Or tried to. But it was really tough to stand at the podium for a long time. [H-L]

The Obama administration on Thursday ordered hefty tariffs on solar panels imported from China, arguing the Chinese goods are sold below fair-market place and are endangering the U.S. clean energy industry. [Slate]

7 thoughts on “Rogers Still Dripping Bacon Grease Like Crazy

  1. There you go again. Making fun of people’s weight. You want fairness and equality yet you continue to make fun of what is for most people a genetic issue. I’m with you. I support equality for all. But making fun of somebody because of their weight shows you are no different than the people on the right who discriminate and don’t understand people with alternative lifestyles.

  2. If you don’t like it, DON’T READ IT. It’s called personal responsibility. Take responsibility for what you do and what you read. Isn’t that what you and your ilk preach? Deal with it or move on. There’s no gun being held to your head.

    That said – when the motherfucker is fat as a house and it’s part of the NATIONAL NARRATIVE – it’s fair game. Especially when the hack is constantly doing and saying things that perpetuate greed, gluttony and all-around bullshit. If the fat fuck wants to talk the talk, he needs to walk the walk.

    Again, move on if you don’t like it. Obesity is a matter of personal responsibility – even if you have a “glandular issue.” You can help it.

  3. People looooove to talk about their tax dollars paying for Medicaid recipients and for ridiculous costs associated with elected officials.

    But they never complain about the costs associated with obesity. The personally preventable and reversible disease that leads to untold health care costs. Strains on every public system known to man. And extreme costs to taxpayers when electeds are fat as a house.

    And what the hell kind of message is the guy sending to kids if he’s not actively trying to remedy the situation?

    Some folks will freak out and call this fat shaming. Then they’ll expect my tax dollars to pay for their personal choices.

  4. I agree Jake….. granted I’m eating a big ****in’ piece of Cheese from Kenny’s Cheese/Heine Brothers while I read this.

  5. While showing a model home, an overweight young lady (while sucking on a large shake) asked about storm shelters because she was afraid of dying in a storm, I wanted to point out that the shake she was sucking on was likely to kill her before any storm would take her life.

    I’ve always said, “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him think”!

  6. FYI, Chris Christie:

    I’ve always thought the success of the Abbottabad Raid on bin Laden owed much to the qualities of the President’s intelligence and physical fitness.

    You’re welcome.

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