Papaw Isn’t Going Over To Indier This Time

RONNIE ELLIS IS BACK! Everybody go read this ASAP! [Ronnie Ellis]

Don’t miss Comment on Kentucky tonight at 8:00 P.M. Eastern on KET. Scheduled guests: Russ Cassady, Bill Estep, Tom Loftus. Sure to be a great show with Cassady – the editor of the Appalachian News-Express. [KET]

Steve Nunn’s attorney, Warren Scoville, finally ditched him. Could it be the recent national media attention? Or the lack of cash? [H-L]

This bootlegger story is one of the dumbest things we’ve read in a long time. Locking people up for having alcohol in a dry county. It’s 2012! [WKYT]

This foreigner maybe stole all of Jim Higdon’s Cornbread. This is why America can’t have nice things. [Daily Herald]

The legacy of unemployment will haunt the United States’ economy for years to come. [NYT]

Gay-hater Vernie McGaha endorsed Republican mark Polston to be his replacement in Frankfort. [WKYT]

You can’t even let your kid ride a bike in Richmond these days without it getting hit by a car. [Richmond Register]

Afghan commanders have refused more than a dozen times within the past two months to act on U.S. intelligence regarding high-level insurgents, arguing that night-time operations to target the men would result in civilian casualties, Afghan officials say. [WaPo]

KSP Commissioner shares a touching story about fallen trooper Mack Brady in honor of National Police Memorial Week. You should probably give this a read. [Rodney Brewer]

What the hell are these teabaggers going on about these days? Something about killing each other? The Paul Family and their pals sure are wonky. [Wonkette]

Yep, Linda Breathitt was appointed to the Public Service Commission to replace Charlie Borders. [Press Release & H-L]

What doesn’t smell right about Steve Beshear “promoting” the bourbon industry in Taiwan? [C-J/AKN]

Former Congresscritter Ron Lewis endorsed Gary Moore in the 4th District race for the U.S. Congress today. [Releases & Such]