Industrial and Commercial Bank of China gets the nod to take over a US bank, the first such US approval for a Chinese firm. [BBC]

Makers of flame retardants manipulate research findings to back their products and downplay health risks. [Chicago Tribune]

Colin Powell says that Dubya didn’t bother consulting his national security council on the Iraq War. [HuffPo]

Let’s not pretend for a second that this ignorance in West Virginia involving $22,000 internet routers doesn’t happen in Kentucky every single second of the day. [WV Gazette]

How long will it take mouth-breathers to freak out over this story about government job cuts threatening the black middle class? [NPR]

18 people died in 17 separate crashes on Kentucky roadways from Monday, April 30 through Sunday, May 6. [KSP Release]

December 2011 was a busy month for supporters of presidential candidate Newt Gingrich. The former speaker of the House had surged ahead of his Republican rivals in several polls. Suddenly he was being barraged by negative TV ads produced by Restore Our Future, a Super PAC for rival candidate Mitt Romney. [Reuters]

We think this might have been how Bing Crosby looked when he got too much Scotch in him and started beating on his wife and kids. What brings the scary early scenes of The Stepfather out of mild-mannered Mittens? QUESTIONS! [Wonkette]

Poverty in the United States, including in the reservations, is so entrenched because it is often part of a toxic brew of alcohol or drug dependencies, dysfunctional families and educational failures. It self-replicates generation after generation. [NYT]

Mouth-breathing House Republicans in Warshington voted to cut the detailed census survey that’s been conducted since the days of Thomas Jefferson. [HuffPo]

People in 49 states – like Kentucky – saw a significant decline in health care access during the last decade. [The Consumerist & Urban Institute]

Custody battles, Kentucky and a trailer park in Alabama. Those are the things that make this story. [H-L]

Kentucky Chief Justice John Minton’s tenure as a Warren Circuit Court judge was commemorated Wednesday with the unveiling and dedication of a portrait that will hang in the courtroom where he once presided. [BGDN]


  1. “How Carefully We Went to War in Iraq”

    Cheney: “Let’s go to war in Iraq, George. It’s our neoconservative wet dream come true.”

    Bush: “Forget about Osama in Afghanistan? Can we justify it?”

    Cheney: “Sure. We’ve got the nation where we want it: Unbending patriotic support after 9/11.”

    Bush: “Yeah, I guess we can. No need to check with Colin or the National Security Council. Let’s go and have some fun against the apron heads.”

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