Everything Is Always Puppies And Rainbows Here

How long will it take mouth-breathers to freak out over this story about an illegal immigrant charged with prostituting underage girls in Kentucky? [H-L]

Congress is considering legislation allowing the government to search through Internet traffic for early warnings of cyberattacks. The bills are controversial — worries about government surveillance have led to protests online. [NPR]

Of course this teabagger legislator is a race-baiting twit. You already know they do things like push for allowing discrimination on the basis of race. [HuffPo]

Humbler horizons? America’s economy is growing at an unimpressive rate. It may not be able to go much faster. [The Economist]

You apparently can’t even go swimming in your own pool in Lexington without finding someone who has drowned or been suicided. [WKYT]

The Kentucky Kingdom-Koch Family-Ed Hart mess is turning into a nice scandal for Steve Beshear, Greg Fischer, Larry Hayes and crew. It’s going to cost Kentucky taxpayers millions upon millions of dollars. [The ‘Ville Voice]

A former Jessamine County Emergency Medical Services employee has filed a lawsuit alleging discriminatory practices by the county. [H-L]

Two Republican judges declared the Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional. This will further freak all the mouth-breathers out today. [Think Progress]

Whaaaat? Filings for unemployment benefits are at a five-week high? We thought everything with the economy was puppies and rainbows. [WLEX18]

Maybe the Republican House majority in Warshington isn’t so safe. [WaPo]

If Walmart can end its relationship with ALEC? Then there’s no excuse for Democratic legislators in Kentucky to continue ties with the organization. [HuffPo]

Apparently people who drive Fords will get preferential treatment at the Kentucky Speedway? [FOX41]

Private payroll growth accelerated only slightly last month and claims for jobless benefits rose last week, suggesting the U.S. labor market recovery was stalling after a strong performance early in the year. [Reuters]

A handful of bloated, white Republican men in Kentucky are claiming President Barack Obama is the economic satan. But let’s get back to reality and take a look at what Mittens Romney’s Massachusetts record actually contains. [Click the Clicky]

DNC Hitting Mittens Romney With Facts & Reality

Something tells us the DNC effort to paint Mittens Romney as a rich buffoon is working:

Of course, Republicans are going to foam at the mouth. Partly because they don’t like President Barack Obama (half because he’s black, half because he’s not Republican) and because they can’t believe they’ve got such a terrible candidate.

That Fancy KRS Top Pick Getting Sued Again

Remember Brian White, the new KRS dream director candidate?

Yeah, that’s the guy.

He’s getting sued again:

Jeffrey D. Baker, former investment officer for the $8.6 billion San Diego County Employees’ Retirement Association, filed a federal lawsuit against SDCERA; Lee Partridge, the pension fund’s portfolio strategist; Mr. Partridge’s former firm, Integrity Capital Services; and Brian White, SDCERA’s CEO, claiming he was terminated for reporting investment policy violations.

The complaint by Mr. Baker, who was terminated in July 2011, claims Mr. Partridge and his firm retaliated against him because he had reported to government agents and his superiors violations of the retirement association’s risk budget for high yield and the U.S. Treasury programs under the pension fund’s investment policy statement. The suit was filed in U.S. District Court in San Diego and seeks unspecified damages.

Yep, that’s the guy the Kentucky Retirement Systems wants to run everything.

And you wonder why the joint is flushing hundreds of millions of dollars and why whistleblowers like Chris Tobe face retaliation and retribution for merely telling the truth.

Child Poverty? Nothing To See Here, Move Along!

On the economic ladder, rungs are moving further apart. That’s the America you live in today. [NPR]

Okay, who in their right mind believes that History Channel miniseries “Hatfields and McCoys” is going to boost Kentucky tourism revenue? [FOX41]

Negotiations between Medicaid managed-care company Coventry and Appalachian Regional Healthcare appear at an impasse as the two sides head to U.S. District Court on Thursday. [H-L]

A former justice of the Supreme Court of the United States is attacking Citizens United for being awful. [HuffPo]

Privately, Mitch McConnell told everyone it was the damn teabaggers and corrupt money that helped Thomas Massie win. Publicly? He’s now saying it was just classic politics and cash. [CN|2]

WATB alert. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell visited Barren and Allen counties Tuesday to talk about what he sees as potential problems with the Affordable Care Act and the importance of investing in infrastructure. [BGDN]

Oh, please, you know they didn’t think this thing through. Any scholarship program that’s haphazardly thrown together in a couple months is obviously not well thought out. [C-J/AKN]

Officials have renewed an order closing all caves and abandoned mines on federal forest land in the southeastern United States, including Kentucky, in an effort to limit the spread of a disease deadly to bats. [H-L]

You know things are bad when your Eastern Kentucky town runs out of water because there are too many people in town for the holiday weekend and because the fire department had to fight a fire. [WKYT]

An outside organization is how pressing Democrats in Kentucky to drop their membership with the American Legislative Exchange Council. [WFPL]

Haha, Mittens Romney’s campaign created some phone application that allows you to take photographs of whatever you want and slap a campaign logo over it. You know that’s going to lead to some serious hilarity. [Wonkette]

A new report targets America’s troubling childhood poverty problem. But legislators in Kentucky turn a blind eye to things like this. [HuffPo]