Floriduh Makes Kentucky Look Pretty Awesome

Former University of Kentucky president Lee T. Todd Jr. was the first witness called Monday in a gender-discrimination trial that pits a female UK police department official against the university and others at the school. [H-L]

In 2009, the life expectancy in Kentucky 73.3 for men and 78.6 for women. [HuffPo]

Thank goodness for Floriduh! That godforsaken state occasionally makes Kentucky look borderline genius on the educational front. Check this mess out. [Forbes]

Clay County is the land of amazingly bad awfulness, to say the least. Just look at this terrific child porn doctor who practiced medicine in Manchester for years. [WKYT]

On a scale of 1 to 10, how much outrage is the mainstream going to feign over Faux News and its misquoting of President Barack Obama? Like this is a major surprise. [HuffPo]

Today, Congressman Yarmuth attends the Jefferson Lecture in the Humanities series at the Kennedy Center, where Kentucky historian, writer and conservationist Wendell Berry will be recognized. The Jefferson Lecture is the highest honor the federal government bestows for distinguished intellectual and public achievement in the humanities. [Press Release]

Bad omen for the 2013 legislative session in Frankfort? You bet your rear end. [WKU Public Radio]

Officials touted Lexington’s new $18 million Locust Trace AgriScience Farm as a unique learning place for agriculture students as the school held its grand opening on Monday. [H-L]

Lawwwd, you can’t even have teenagers these days without them going crazy and stabbing each other over a man. This man must be pretty magical, right? [WLEX18]

Churches, bathroom stalls and NAMBLA can take a well-deserved five. The GOP circus is coming to Tampa and the city’s finer purveyor of tittay are hauling them out and boosting them up in preparation! [Wonkette]

The mainstream just realized a Kentuckian named Jim Higdon wrote a fancy book. [C-J/AKN]

Orange Man John Boehner says there’s a ‘1 in 3 chance” Republicans will lose control of Congress. [HuffPo]

2 thoughts on “Floriduh Makes Kentucky Look Pretty Awesome

  1. “Not Our Cup of Tea”

    John Boner: “Mitch, we stand a good chance of losin’ the House in this election.”

    Mitch: “Bohunk. Just keep on blastin’ away at Obama.”

    Boner: “But how might we be in trouble?”

    Mitch: “Could the dumb public be catchin’ on to the Tea Party insanity?”

  2. I write books, and apparently, I’m a “born raconteur,” which is nice. I’ve been called worse, by Jake.

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