Kentucky Should Compete For Most Pregnant Teens

What would you do if your home, place of employment and entire community were wiped off the face of the earth by a tornado? Recovery in Eastern Kentucky will take a long time and only the Red Cross remains on the ground supporting the people who most need it. [Click Here To Give]

You know you want to win a fancy copy of Jim Higdon’s Cornbread Mafia! Go enter ASAP and consider supporting his Kickstarter project to take the book on tour. [Page One]

Steve Beshear, after facing a mountaintop removal zone worth of heat, finally spoke out about the hate rally planned in Frankfort: β€œThe Constitution affords the right to free speech and free assembly to all, and we will respect those rights, even for this Michigan-based, hate-filled group. This group should know that their ideology is reprehensible to Kentuckians, and that Kentucky is a tolerant, progressive, and welcoming state for all people.” [Press Release]

Really? You wonder why we continue to lose hope for Louisville Metro Government on a daily basis? [The ‘Ville Voice]

States with abstinence-only sex education requirements continue to knock their teens up the most? Surely not! [Wonkette]

Stand Your Ground laws coincide with a jump in justifiable homicide cases. Ruh ro. [WaPo]

The great American foreclosure story: the struggle for justice and a place to call home. [Pro Publica]

A “preferred” Ohio River Bridge plan has been chosen for I-75 between Kentucky and Cincinnasti. Will Louisville ever move along? Or will it continue to be a massive failure? [H-L]

There are just too many things to be said about 21c. It’s going to be interesting to see how Lexington reacts once the hotel is finished. [WKYT]

It’s just shameful watching Mitch McConnell advocate for the mega-wealthy billionaires of the United States while throwing 99.99% of his constituents and the rest of the country under the bus. [WFPL]

How are the people in Floriduh reacting to Hal Rogers’ fun times meth vacation at Disney World? Take a look. [Sun Sentinel]

Listen, folks, you’ve got to stop using “Santorum” and “edge” in the same headline. It is offensive and gross. [NYT]

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  1. “Hogs at the Trough”

    Empress Elaine: “Isn’t Buffet a Benedict Arnold to his class, Mitch?”

    Mitch: “Yeah, hon, he’s way off the wagon. Good thing our benefactors don’t think like that jackass. We’d be in big doo-doo.”

    Empress Elaine: “You explain things in such clear terms, my love–behind closed doors.”

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