You Already Know Why The Jobs Aren’t In Kentucky

What would you do if your home, place of employment and entire community were wiped off the face of the earth by a tornado? Recovery in Eastern Kentucky will take a long time and only the Red Cross remains on the ground supporting the people who most need it. [Click Here To Give]

Call us crazy but we’re pretty sure there are hundreds – if not thousands – of Kentucky women who have more business sense and experience than Anita Madden. Throwing drug-fueled orgies and being involved with the most corrupt of the good old boy network is hardly an honor. [H-L]

A racist past is still haunting the Florida town where Trayvon Martin died. [Reuters]

Do you need another reason to stop being as fat as a house? You could maybe cause your kid to have autism. [NPR]

All kinds of mouth-breathers have been freaking out over John Yarmuth’s Congressional art competition. So here’s a link to Republican Geoff Davis’ own art competition. [Click the Clicky]

Yep, no racists in America. None at all. Mark Judge would like the world to know that he no longer has any “white guilt” because his bike got stolen and the perpetrator may have been a black person, or possibly (the culprit is still at large!) black people in general. [Salon]

It’s almost sad watching Alecia Webb-Edgington flush her entire professional life down the drain. Now she’s freaking out because an anti-tax group is demanding that she return pay she wasted while fundraising in Washington, D.C. [Ryan Alessi]

Now that corporations have begun to cut ties with ALEC, it’s time to demand that legislators do the same. Legislators like Denise Harper Angel – who is furiously trying to distance herself without effectively doing so. [The Nation]

Nope. The reason there is no high-tech sector in Kentucky is because Frankfort is a damn disaster. It’s also about education, brain drain and quality of life. [H-L]

Mitch McConnell says the war on women is manufactured. So we’re going to go ahead and say anything and everything Mitch McConnell says or does is manufactured. [The Hill]

Who really believes, sadly, that Kentucky is among the top states for entrepreneurial activity? [The Lane Report]

Yet another story about Hal Rogers’ Disney World vacation. This time it’s about Steve Beshear also going on the trip. [WFPL]

The Herald-Leader is once again coming out on top as the state’s most reliable paper. [The ‘Ville Voice]

6 thoughts on “You Already Know Why The Jobs Aren’t In Kentucky

  1. “Mitch Loves Women?”

    Empress Elaine: “Mitch, how can they say you’e against women? I know you better than that.”

    Mitch: “Manufactured crisis, Hon. Just to win the election.”

    Empress: “You’re very much into kind, genuine feminine relationships.”

    Mitch: “Cut the crap–time to beat Obama!”

  2. “Being an Entrepreneur, Being Poor in KY”

    Hurrah for those more comfortable entrepreneurs! On the other hand, 24/7 Wall Street ranked KY as the “worst-run state” in the US. Why? We’re #47 in median household income, #47 in high-school graduation rate, and #48 in percentage of population in poverty. Hurrah for those more comfortable entrepreneurs! (West Louisville be damned.)

  3. “Devolving from Watterson to Gannett”

    Under Henry Watterson in the early 20th century, the C-J was among the nation’s leading newspapers. After that, the Binghams supported public education, African Americans, and the region’s poor. Now, under Gannett, the paper serves the mighty few–and is a poor excuse for proper fish wrap.

  4. Phew! For a second I thought that PageOne declared the Herald-Leader the most reliable info-source in Kentucky… Turns out, you simply meant it’s the most reliably produced coupon-wrapper… That’s true. Also, it’s a very reliable stuff for clogging air vents in the attic in winter. No critter likes to munch on or dwell in that cwrapper (or c-wrapper. How would you spell it?)

  5. I don’t know about Anita Madden’s business prowess, but I have to defend her charitable efforts with the Blue Grass Boys Ranch. I did art design work for several her parties when I was in college and got to know her and was able to watch how she approached the party from behind the scenes.

    I can’t vouch for the parties of the 70s and 80s, but I can tell you that her focus during the run up to those parties was on getting money, and more importantly, exchanges for food, school supplies, and clothing for the kids at the Ranch. Anita isn’t a saint, but to honor her for her charitable efforts over the years it seems to me acceptable.

  6. Being a philanthropist doesn’t make one a good businessperson.

    Click the link. Read. Then comment. She’s hardly a “trailblazing businesswoman” – as the headline of the article, which you obviously didn’t read, says.

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