Maybe Michelle Obama Is A Scary Muslin, Too?!

What would you do if your home, place of employment and entire community were wiped off the face of the earth by a tornado? Recovery in Eastern Kentucky will take a long time and only the Red Cross remains on the ground supporting the people who most need it. [Click Here To Give]

How is Muslin Witch Lady Michelle Obama taking the Jesus out of Easter now? SHE IS RUINING EASTER. HIDE YOUR KIDS. [Wonkette]

Don’t act like you’re shocked to hear the 99.99% fat, white Republican Party feels that there’s been too much media attention on the Trayvon Martin tragedy. [Politico]

Things aren’t so rosy on the jobs front in Eastern Kentucky. Specifically in Pike County, where 130 jobs at a single company were just cut. [H-L]

Of course it’s Mitch McConnell appointing a man who attacks U.S. Muslims to the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom. [WaPo]

Basically, Steve Beshear is going to appoint Irv Maze to an open Court of Appeals spot. [C-J/AKN]

Come on, Morehead, can we quit it with embarrassing people who do things like have stand-offs with police? [WLEX18]

The rest of the civilized world just sort of rolls its eyes at the United States for not having a form of universal health care. [The Economist]

Does anyone in Kentucky even have Current TV? We thought it was something that Al Gore was playing pat-a-cake with in San Francisco or whatever. [NPR]

Internet freedom starts at home and the United States needs to practice what it preaches online. [Public Policy]

Mittens Romney says President Barack Obama will end Medicare. Maybe we should all start wearing adult diapers until the November election. Pee alerts galore. [HuffPo]

On Saturday, the Obama Campaign will open its field office in Louisville. Which, well, doesn’t really mean anything, unfortunately. [Press Release]

The owner of the West Virginia mine where 29 men died in an explosion two years ago on Thursday says it will begin to permanently seal the mine soon and finish the job by summer. [WKYT]

Lexington residents are apparently concerned that violent sports-related celebrations will hurt that city’s image. [FOX41]