Sports Thing Happened, People Lost Their Minds

We’re not going to shut up about you giving to the Red Cross for tornado relief efforts. This will take a long time. It’s been a month and that’s just the beginning. [Click Here To Give]

Some sort of sports thing happened last night and a bunch of people freaked out. [H-L]

Only in Covington, Kentucky could something so ridiculous take place. Only in Covington. Still giving Clay County a run for its money. [Regretsy]

Really. These sons of bitches hired a clown. At least UNITE isn’t wasting money on a clown at their silly conference at Disney World. [WaPo]

While we appreciate this Paulbot person asking Mittens Romney about his racist cult? It’s a little iffy for a Paulbot person to act as if, you know, the Pauls don’t have a bit of a problem on the race relations front. [Wonkette]

These five states are telling the feds to back off medical marijuana. But Kentucky doesn’t even have the guts to push for the right to grow hemp, which isn’t marijuana. [HuffPo]

Everybody in Lexington just cold got arrested last night. Your eyes will probably roll back in your head if you watch the story or read about it. [LEX18]

Here comes Tom Buford making sure people can no longer afford anything at all related to health care. [C-J/AKN]

The state budget bill awaiting Gov. Steve Beshear’s signature has no higher education construction projects to be funded with so-called agency bonds. But unconstitutional Ark Park road construction? A-okay. [The Morehead News]

President Barack Obama, seizing on Republican plans to slash deficits that the White House sees as a potent vote winner for Democrats in this year’s election, slammed his opponents on Tuesday to reinforce his claim that they favor the rich. [Reuters]

It’s no surprise to anyone that a heavy workload awaits lawmakers on the final day of the general assembly. Also no surprise to anyone that nothing ever changes in Frankfort. [H-L]

Really, Louisville fans? Getting involved in an argument last night in Lexington to the point that someone got shot? [WKYT]

Yesterday we pointed out a few $100,000+ reasons Kentucky Educational Television should face scrutiny of state auditors and budget officials. We summarily received nasty calls and messages from a higher up at the organization. How dare anyone want to see how tax dollars are spent. [Page One]

1 thought on “Sports Thing Happened, People Lost Their Minds

  1. “Something Big Happening in Lexington”

    Prospective student: “Mom, I can’t go to UK after seeing all this mess–fires, crazy drinking, students acting like maniacs!”

    Mom: “Dear, it’s my alma mater. This happens whenever the basketball team wins big.”

    Student: “I’m goin’ to Centre, where academics seem bigger.”

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