Robert Felner Culture Of UofL Corruption Continues

Just a couple weeks ago, the University of Louisville’s equine grant thief was formally charged. Puppies and Greg Fischer rainbows, right? Well, maybe. That is… if the mismanagement didn’t continue to rage on.

More than one individual from UofL has come to us regarding an internal audit of the College of Education and Human Development grant from the Olin Foundation. It was completed not long ago and now, unsurprisingly, the University is trying to cover it up. We’ve spent two weeks trying to get our hands on it and school officials have come up with every excuse under the sun.

But it gets better.

Federal grants require UofL to report of the amount of effort a professor works on those grants via payroll processing/reporting/yadda yadda. And we’ve seen evidence that suggests at least two unit business managers have been falsifying reports for the College of Education’s benefit. The employee who discovered the shenanigans was forced to resign shortly thereafter under pressure from Dean Blake Haselton.

Wouldn’t you think these Felneresque messes would have stopped coming to light about four years ago?

Because this is ridiculous. The lack of transparency and willingness to throw anything resembling honesty under the bus is disheartening. Taxpayers and the community at large deserve better.

9 thoughts on “Robert Felner Culture Of UofL Corruption Continues

  1. “RF-like Ghosts Haunt Belknap”

    Montgomery inmate: “Robert, you hear about the latest UofL scandals?’

    Robert: “And they thought it was just me.”

    Montgomery inmate: “What kind of institution is that anyway?”

    Robert: “They let me run free for five years. That should tell you something.”

  2. “One More Thing–And This Is Positive”

    Hail to Dean Haselton for doing the right thing in this matter and avoiding Felner-like behavior. Hope other honchos follow suit–but I am not holding my breath.

  3. Dean Haselton did the right thing??? Did you read Jake’s blog, Novena. HE FORCED THE PERSON WHO DISCOVERED IT TO RESIGN. Sounds to me llike killing the messenger!

  4. “Oops, You’re Right, Blowin'”

    I misread Jake’s comment. In my hurried reading, I thought it said that Blake forced the culprit to resign. Now that the truth be told, it looks like the RF-ghosts do remain alive and well. A sad cloud still hangs over Belknap. Why had I expected otherwise?

  5. So the unit business managers who falsified reports were not the ones forced to resign? This is ugly and should be investigated.

  6. @Sad&Cynical

    Yep, since they gobble billions in taxpayer funds, all universities need independent audits.

    Instead, they’ll continue to buy consultant reports at a million bucks per PowerPoint presentation (see UK for a good example).

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