Just Do As Mitch McConnell Says, Not As He Does

We’re not going to shut up about you giving to the Red Cross for tornado relief efforts. This will take a long time. [Click Here To Give]

Remember how Rick Perry was insane during debates? Then you’ll probably pee a little bit when you read this story about him, well, peeing. [Wonkette]

Campaign finance on a federal level is about to get a lot more dicey after this fancy ruling. [HuffPo]

Did Lexington maybe burn to the ground last night? Because local media there is 100% focused on how crazy people behaved. [WKYT]

Ronnie Ellis must have completely disappeared from CNHI papers. Was he abducted? He’s been MIA since February 24. [Missing Journalist Alert]

Maybe Louisvillians would be less angry at their embarrassingly bad mayor if he was winning awards for something other than his use of FACEBOOK AND TWITTER? Jesus H. [FOX41]

What do you do when you’re the mayor of the state’s largest city and have egg all over your face for sinking that city’s animal services agency into the ground while covering it up? Promote a different story like crazy and pretend to love animals. That’s what. [The ‘Ville Voice]

Now Rand Paul wants to tour tornado-ravaged areas of Eastern Kentucky. Pro-tip: It’s now April. [H-L]

Oh, here you go, the national press is laughing at Kentucky as it goes insane over a basketball game. [HuffPo]

Remember when Rand Paul was queening out about energy efficient light bulbs? Turns out efficiency is a huge deal in the rest of the world. [The Economist]

The Robert Felner culture of corruption continues at the University of Louisville. No one bats an eyelash. [Page One]

You know you have a serious problem in your state when your governor tells the press that a basketball victory will “help with economic development” and puts the state on an “international stage.” [Twitter]

Mitch McConnell is queening out yet again. This time? It’s bad for President Barack Obama to speak out about the Supreme Court but it’s okay for Mitch to do so. [Politico]

1 thought on “Just Do As Mitch McConnell Says, Not As He Does

  1. “Mitch on Our Anointed Branches of Gubmint”

    Empress Elaine: “You really taught Obama a lesson on the government branches, Mitch.”

    Mitch: “Yup, he knows no balances.”

    Empress Elaine: “Some say all you know are checks, Mitch.”

    Mitch: “Wanna effin’ divorce, lady?”

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