4th District Race Is Just Teabagger Amateur Hour

We’re not going to shut up about you giving to the Red Cross for tornado relief efforts. This will take a long time. [Click Here To Give]

Greg Fischer’s crew couldn’t be bothered with keeping this in Louisville. Primarily because it makes Greg look like a bumbling idiot. Now this museum is going to open in Florida, of all places. An Act of Dog is important and Greg is letting it slip away. [HuffPo]

Did you hear? A sports thing happened and people in Louisville have their feelings hurt or something. [Deep Failures]

Also, some people wet batshiz insane over a semi-final basketball game in Lexington. Poor excuse for ridiculous behavior. [H-L]

Joe Gerth said some things about Frankfort that you already knew. And he is absolutely obsessed with the ridiculous confederate pension nonsense. [C-J/AKN]

Don’t you love watching the racist mouth-breathers lose their George Zimmerman-Trayvon Martin talking points? [HuffPo]

We’re not sure Thomas Massie’s silly ad that twists Geoff Davis’ words to sound like an endorsement is opportunistic and desperate. Poorly thought out, amateur and typical teabagger bullshit for sure, though. [Ryan Alessi]

Speaking of the 4th District…. Why on earth did Alecia Webb-Edgington think it would be a good idea to go to Warshington, D.C. on Thursday to raise funds instead of staying in Frankfort to vote on every bill rolling through the capitol? That’d be a bigger PR disaster for her if her opponents – including advertiser Gary Moore – had the guts to hit her. Hugely wasted opportunity. We thought at least Marcus Carey would have foamed at the mouth. [Deep Campaign Failure]

Can you believe Frankfort is borrowing money to pay back the billion in borrowed federal dollars for unemployment insurance? Getting a loan to pay another loan. Which means Kentuckians will be strapped with even more debt. [BGDN]

In an attempt to make the “Only One” advertising campaign less of pit of wasted money, Papaw Beshear designated New Orleans an honorary “only one.” Because that’ll save Kentucky. [WYMT]

Mitch McConnell may be stopping short of endorsing Mittens Romney but all of his staffers and political people are already working for him. [WaPo]

Ben Chandler didn’t vote for any of the House budgets and his office thinks it is acceptable to run from not voting. Talking to the press is being held accountable by one’s constituency. Something Ben Chandler won’t ever have to answer for because he has an embarrassingly bad opponent. [The Hill]

Want another reason to roll your eyes at the mormon cultists? Look at their latest shenanigans involving Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings. [Wonkette]

5 thoughts on “4th District Race Is Just Teabagger Amateur Hour

  1. “More Fun and Games in the Blue Grass”

    Lexington Lex: “Oh, my God, I’ve never had more fun in my life. Burnin’ cars and sofas sure beats borin’ classes any day.”

    Wildcat Wendy: “I can’t wait til next year. Our coach brings in the best for one year and than we can give them this kind of sendoff before they go pro. By the way, did you do that inane paper for Dr. Dufus?”

  2. “Mitch’s Implicit Endorsement of Romney”

    Empress Elaine: “Are you for Mitt, Mitch?”

    Mitch: “What are we left with? He’s bland as dried toast, but the others are clowns.”

    Empress: “Yes, he reminds me a bit of you, though he is more handsome.”

  3. What has happened with David Adam’s Kentucky Knows Best PAC? Does he do anything other than chirp away on Facebook?

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