Sometimes Herald-Leader Headlines Are Awesome

We’re not going to shut up about you giving to the Red Cross for tornado relief efforts. This will take a long time. [Click Here To Give]

The Kentucky Supreme Court has upheld the state’s prevailing wage law and says the statute does not violate either the state or federal constitutions. [FOX41]

A lie wrapped in an absurdity swaddled in paranoia. Yep, the fear of gas prices and fearmongering pushed by mouth-breathers. [Paul Krugman]

911 calls in West Liberty tell the terrible story of the March 2nd tornado outbreak. [WKYT]

This is why you should visit the Louisville Zoo. Drive your happy butt to the big city to check out these lemurs. [CLICK THE CLICKY]

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell called the fatal shooting of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin an “incredible tragedy,” but declined to weigh in on the controversial Florida gun law that’s now in the national spotlight following Martin’s death. Naturally, he’s afraid to comment, because the gun nuts (not legitimate gun owners) would freak out. [Politico]

Very important headline pee alert: Rangers blame fires on moonshine-carrying man riding a lawn mower. [H-L]

Racist twits are obviously never going to be able to comprehend their own… racist twitdom. Especially when it comes to blaming Trayvon Martin’s hoodie for his senseless, racism-driven murder. [Wonkette]

The foreigns say America’s strategic stockpile of oil should be held back for a genuine emergency. The mouth-breathers will have none of that common sense stuff, though. [The Economist]

Will the Ark Parkers include this 2,500 pound, 43-foot snake on their fancy theme park boat ride or whatever it is Steve Beshear is making you pay for? [Science Daily]

Even Mittens Romney is speaking out about the Trayvon Martin murder. Maybe the brain dead will start waking up a bit? [HuffPo]

Greg Fischer was confronted by the Metro Parks whistleblower. He still refuses to deal with the scandal caused by the drunk driving director. [The ‘Ville Voice]

Comment on Kentucky may be worth watching tonight if you don’t have anything else to do. Scheduled guests: Debby Yetter, Jack Brammer, Kenny Coleslaw. Yetter’s always good. [KET]