Papaw Will Never Come Clean About Plane Use

We’re not going to shut up about you giving to the Red Cross for tornado relief efforts. This will take a long time. [Click Here To Give]

You can’t even go anywhere without having your trailer stolen. Shoo. [WKYT]

Look, people, stop acting shocked that nothing is happening in Frankfort with the Kentucky Retirement Systems corruption. Just look at these old stories to see why your beloved Democrats are enabling the corruption and sweeping things under the rug. [Page One]

Campaign contributions by corporate tax dodgers? Of course! [CTJ]

Could corporations be taking tax breaks on political ‘dark money’? You bet your rear end they are. [Pro Publica]

Of course Americans would hit the brakes on NASCAR right as Kentucky drops millions of dollars on the shenanigans. [NPR]

Meanwhile, the Beshear Misadministration is going insane trying to get the mainstreamers to write about the Kentucky Speedway’s traffic improvements in an attempt to hide negative news. [H-L]

The need for revenue has encouraged cash-strapped state and local governments to scrap restrictions on alcohol sales, gambling and even fireworks. [The Economist]

The Bowling Green Daily News is spot-on. The political activities of Steve Beshear need to be explained. Unfortunately for the Commonwealth, that will never, ever happen. Never. Put a fork in it. It’s dead. Done. Never happening. [BGDN]

Mitch McConnell says President Barack Obama is ashamed of health care reform legislation. Just probably not as ashamed as Mitch is to admit he’s from Kentucky as he rolls around in his $27 million in Chinese shipping magnate cash. [The Hill]

The mainstream media in Louisville seriously dropped the ball on tornado coverage in Kentucky. That disconnect is part of the reason the rest of the state rolls its eyes at the Commonwealth’s largest city. [The ‘Ville Voice]

Florida state workers now face random drug testing under a new state law. This needs to happen in Kentucky and ALL legislators need to undergo mandatory drug testing on a weekly basis during the legislative session. Maybe even daily. [Reuters]

Seeking to break a deadlock on a high-profile reform bill, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has moved to force a Senate vote on legislation to bar insider trading by lawmakers and staff. [Politico]

Louisville is the NUMBER THREE (#3!) city in the country for having the worst allergies. Meanwhile, Frankfort fearmongers powered by Hal Rogers’ pork (blow me, Kelly, you fucking hack – and I won’t apologize for the language. -Jake) are trying to stifle your ability to obtain affordable medication… since you don’t have health insurance, can’t walk to the doctor because there are no sidewalks and can’t afford to take a cab or ride a bus because you’ve just been laid off. [AAFA]

3 thoughts on “Papaw Will Never Come Clean About Plane Use

  1. “Amurka’s Healthcare Saga as Told by Mitch”

    Empress Elaine: “You really socked it to Obama today on health care, Mitch.”

    Mitch: “Yeah, we’re happy to mark the bill’s anniversary–even happier that many Amurkins don’t see through our smoke and mirrors.”

    Empress: “Those poor suckers, as you say–they wouldn’t accept a quite diluted bill to help other Americans in need.”

    Mitch: “Hell, most of ’em are pure self-seekers like us. Wait ’til they pay private health insurers 20 grand a year –but we’ll be retired by then, sippin’ Hurricanes in the Bahamas. And it’s comin’ in the next decade, Hon.”

  2. It’s a double edged sword. The BG article about the Governor’s political activities said:

    “. . . Kerri Richardson, had to refer questions about his political activities in New Orleans to the state Democratic Party.

    As the governor’s spokeswoman, one would think she would be up to date and have knowledge of the political activities her boss was participating in while in New Orleans.”

    I think she was correct in referring the recap of political activities to the Democratic Party. Her job (although we know she knows what he is doing) is to communicate about those activities, etc., of the Governor of the Commonwealth, not the head of the state’s political party. And I would think that she has enough to say grace over just with that responsibility.

    Although I agree that activities need more transparency here, I also think that she made the right call on this.

  3. The piece wasn’t attacking her. But she should have provided a better answer. Unfortunately, she’s turned into a recycled hack like the rest of her coworkers who also used to have integrity.

    There was also some focus on Georgian Matt Erwin, who is going to pop a vein some day soon if he doesn’t get some blood pressure meds or start smoking pot.

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