Frankfort Will Likely Edge Into Disaster In 3, 2…

We’re not going to shut up about you giving to the Red Cross for tornado relief efforts. This will take a long time. [Click Here To Give]

Renee True, Steve Henry’s former running mate, had to pay a $2,000 fine to settle the ethics complaint against her. Maybe she shouldn’t have hired her mother to work in her PVA office. What a hot mess. [H-L]

Remember Robert Felner? Seems his scheme of robbing everybody blind is a popular one. So you know it’s still going down at the University of Louisville, as well. [EBRI]

Trayvon Martin’s mother may not be able to eat until the racist twit who murdered her son is arrested but this country will never be all that it can be until douche hats like that are forced to suffer for a few decades. This guy should be tortured. Daily. For 20-30 years. [HuffPo]

The pill mill bill is probably going to get some revisions. Which could mean it’s dead in the water. Especially if Tom Jenson says it’s a-okay. [C-J/AKN]

Can we finally get one thing straight? Neither Steve Beshear nor Hal Rogers “announced” that additional Kentucky counties were eligible for disaster relief. The federal government made the announcement. They just tried to get media attention by issuing releases that were regurgitations of the initial release from the feds. [WYMT]

Kentucky Retirement Systems is absolutely no stranger to big time ethics violations. But that doesn’t mean anybody will ever be held accountable. [Page One]

It’s interesting that folks outside Kentucky never bother to figure out why Jack Conway feigns so much outrage at for-profit schools. It’s not because many of them are corrupt wastes of money. It’s because Todd P’Pool hurt his feelings. [Inside Higher Ed]

Rick The Poop Splooge Santorum is so, so angry that President Barack Obama would allow his daughters to go on vacation to Mexico. Can you believe that?! They don’t speak English there! [Wonkette]

Everybody is freaking out about billionaire Peter Lewis leaving the Democracy Alliance. That’s what happens when groups align too closely with the Democratic Party and abandon common sense. [HuffPo]

Looks like everyone in Richmond is freaking out over some police activity, hazmat suits, fire crews and such. [WLEX18]

Is the concentration of wealth at the top to blame for financial crises? How bout this latest mess the United States has been in for a minute? [The Economist]

The Public Service Commission heard testimony yesterday in the LG&E natural gas case. LG&E wants to convert come coal-fired facilities to natural gas plants. [WFPL]

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  1. “Moral Monsters Stalk the Academy”

    Jake, thanks for reminding us that the sociopathic Felner model is still alive and well. His actions were relentless, obvious, and cruel; and the “nobody knows nuttin'” mentality allowed it to continue. When will individual states and jurisdictions ever do something about these robber barons of academe and their honcho protectors? Perhaps start first at the U. of Rhode Island and the UofL.

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