Kentucky’s Economy Is About To Get More…

We’re not going to shut up about you giving to the Red Cross for tornado relief efforts. This will take a long time. [Click Here To Give]

The idea of pulling carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere is a beguiling one. Could it ever become real? Probably not in your lifetime. Though, King Coal will tell you it’s already possible. And they’ll deny global warming when it’s convenient. [The Economist]

Why do whistleblowers deserve to receive a portion of the money they report being fraudulently used? Shouldn’t being right be enough? [WTVQ]

Jim Gray’s mother, Lois, died yesterday. Our thoughts are with the Gray family. [H-L]

The unemployed are set to lose benefits in several states. Yep, Kentucky is included in this list. [H-L]

Just a reminder that Kentucky has neither executive ethics or legislative ethics. Ethics aren’t a real thing in Frankfort. [C-J/AKN]

Hopefully, towns like West Liberty won’t just build tornado-resistant homes and buildings, they’ll build much more green. As we’ve been suggesting since the night of the tornado outbreak. It’s a chance to create a healthier future. [WKYT]

Whaaat? Faux News isn’t really interested in reporting on the shooting deaths of unarmed black teenagers? Imagine that! [Wonkette]

An in-depth audit of Kentucky’s Medicaid system is set to be complete sometime early next year, according to the state auditor. [H-L]

So… the organization that had Kentucky’s integrity rating a little jacked up is now reviewing its methods and information. Get ready for things to change. [Page One]

Don’t love Jesus? Aren’t a mouth-breathing “conservative”? Then Rick The Splooge Santorum’s pastor pal wants you to get the eff out. [HuffPo]

Indiana has a fancy anti-smoking bill that the Republican governor signed into law. But Kentucky can’t get its head out of its butt. [WFPL]

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  1. “Speaking Nonsense for Jesus”

    Too bad that Santorum’s pastor ally has to scream so irrationally for everyone to accept Christ–or get out of this damn country! He (Jesus) might not be pleased that folks have to beg people to like Him. Get a life, Rev. Terry, while Jesus weeps for you and your ilk.

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