Give A Damn $1 For Tornado Relief Efforts

We’re not going to shut up about you giving to the Red Cross for tornado relief efforts. This will take a long time. [Click Here To Give]

Very important breaking news: police arrested a naked man in the restroom of a Corbin truck stop. [H-L]

Isn’t it cute watching Republicans continually try to “save” Medicare and “fix” health care? [Reuters]

Like you really need to read ten reasons that the rest of the world thinks the United States is nuts? [HuffPo]

The Executive Branch Ethics Commission has cleared the way for the incoming executive director of the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission and his wife to continue training and racing horses outside of Kentucky, but says doing so inside the state would be a conflict of interest. Woo, Kentucky hypocrisy at its finest. [C-J/AKN]

Too much risk, not enough reward. Investors are betting that high returns from equities will pay for decent pensions but they’re kidding themselves. [The Economist]

This absolutely will not come as a surprise to any of our regular readers. Perry County Clerk Haven King has not repaid nearly $30,000 in expenditures that he shouldn’t have made with public money, according to an audit released Monday. [H-L]

Rick Santorum is all about the freedom of religion as long as it’s just for gay-hating “christians.” Not moooslins, buddha people or Jews allowed, amen. [Wonkette]

Wait, how dumb is Rick Santorum? So dumb that a business publication is attacking him. [Business Insider]

This is a nice victory for cancer stick opponents. A federal appeals court has upheld a law requiring new, bigger graphic warning labels on cigarette packs. [WKYT]

Of course the mouth-breather birthers are complaining that Binack Nobama, the muslin Kenyan, is a bigger deal than Watergate. [HuffPo]

Louisville got a new police chief today. The reign of Jerry Abramson’s favorite is over. Now it’s time for Greg Fischer’s favorite to be, you know, worse. [FOX41]