Some People Haven’t Forgotten Eastern Kentucky

We’re not going to shut up about you giving to the Red Cross for tornado relief efforts. This will take a long time. [Click Here To Give]

Mitch McConnell is continuing to blame Democrats for all that is wrong in Warshington. You’ll likely never hear him take responsibility for anything he has caused or done. [HuffPo]

Don’t miss Comment on Kentucky tonight at 8:00 P.M. Eastern on KET. Scheduled guests: John Cheves, Tom Loftus, Phil Pendleton. It’ll be a great show. [KET]

No Kill Louisville is sending 27,000 pounds of pet food to storm-ravaged areas of Eastern Kentucky. The National Guard is picking it up within the next few days. This is why Kentucky can have nice things. [Giving Back]

George and Nick Clooney were arrested outside the Sudanese Embassy for protesting the genocide those sons of bitches have caused. [H-L]

The Department for Public Health’s Immunization Program was recognized for high immunization coverage levels for a childhood vaccination series by the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention at the national 2012 Immunization Program Managers Meeting. [Click the Clicky]

On Monday at 11:00 A.M., Congressman John Yarmuth is scheduled to hold a press conference with Louisvillians affected by high gas prices. Yarmuth will at that time announce new legislation regarding taxpayer-funded subsidies to oil companies. [Ruh Ro]

HAHAHA! The wingnuts are working themselves up into a froth over the latest State Dinner at the White House. [Wonkette]

Triumph of the carpetbagger? Rick Santorum wins the Deep South primaries but it doesn’t matter much. [The Economist]

Depending on the state, it can take an average of three months or three years to process a foreclosure. And the disparity in how states deal with foreclosures is getting bigger. [NPR]

Mitch McConnell sure is taking a lot of heat for his claim that marijuana is deadly. He may want to start paying attention to cancer sticks, which he loves to subsidize. Or bourbon, which WE love to subsidize. [Comedy Central]

Rick Santorum’s spokesman tried to clarify his candidate’s recent comment that seemed to suggest Puerto Rico must adopt English as its official language, but himself stumbled in an interview Friday. [Politico]

Remember when Jim Dingleberry’s jail in Lexington was cold sexually harassing everybody? A jury awarded one of the victims $60,000 in a civil lawsuit. [H-L]

Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet Secretary Len Peters today named Robert F. Scott as the new director of the Division of Abandoned Mine Lands. [Press Release]

6 thoughts on “Some People Haven’t Forgotten Eastern Kentucky

  1. “A Smoky, Black-Out Pillow Fight”

    Empress Elaine: “Mitch, I’m reading where tobacco and alcohol are more harmful to a much larger number of people than is marijuana.”

    Mitch: “Don’t read that crap from the liberal press. Besides, we wouldn’t be wearing silk pj’s without our tobacco and liquor friends.”

    Empress: “I see where alcohol raises the risk of breast cancer and that tobacco is the second major cause of death in the world.”

    Mitch: “Do you want a damn divorce? Clam up with that B.S.”

  2. memo to len–retire while some people still respect you; at 72 you should be playing with your grandchildren; give an opportunity to some younger person with fresh ideas eh……..

  3. “Mitch’s Brand of Feminism for the Future”

    Mitch: “This ‘violence against women’ stuff is a scheming PR ruse by Democrats.”

    Reporter: “You don’t see violence against women as a problem, sir?”

    Mitch: “Not in the evolutionary nature of the human race. How much progress do women want all at once? We must proceed more prudently. Women need more patience–that is the real problem, as I see it. I hear nothing from Elaine about such matters; she is very content.”

  4. Hate to break it to you, Novena, but that Violence Against Women vote is a ruse. The modern Democratic party has turned into vassal state nannies who divide by race, ethnicity. gender, sexuality, selective “equality”, accepted speech, etc etc etc. Bill Clinton spent his childhood watching his angry granny emotionally and physically abuse his grandfather and his mother was no saint either…so let’s quit with the women as perpetual victims bs. BTW What’s “fair” about women receiving 60 per cent of all college degrees and what should politicians do about it, especially Democrats always braying about level playing fields?

  5. What the fuck world are you living in, “Jocko Flocko”?

    Women still make 70% of what men make for the same jobs.

    Women are continually treated as objects and property by legislatures across the entire nation.

    Women are, indeed, way more likely to be physically abused than men.

    This is the wrong place to bring up how wrong you think equality is.

    Take it elsewhere.

  6. Clarification: The VAWA has been with us since 1994 and I support it. The ruse I referenced above concerns the current reauthorization, never controversial before, where Democrats are adding gays and transgendereds and American Indians (WTF) to gin up a campaign issue…Republicans hate women. 70 cents on the dollar for the exact same job? An employment lawyer’s dream. A female realtor who makes 100 grand while a male realtor in the same firm makes 60, or a male marketing VP who makes a 100 while a female marketing VP in same division makes 60…not so much. The same for male- female CEO pay. An equal division of a dollar is 50 cents. We need to have very good reasons when politicians tell us that for some reason it’s 60 cents or 55, and that reason should be a very good one without too many un-intended consequencs. I stand by my opinion of my former political party and as a white male I ask this….If I get the shit kicked out of me (for no legally extenuating circumstance) by any other male of any color or sexuality is there an adjective to assault to be used to add additional penalties to the guilty perp? Yes, there actually are, but some how American males just have to usually accept the basic word..assault. BTW Men are WAY more likely to be victims of all kinds of violence..thanks to other men, and violence by women against men is one the most under reported crimes in America…just talk to some street cops or prosecutors.

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