What An Awful Day For Murray State University

We’re not going to shut up about you giving to the Red Cross for tornado relief efforts. This will take a long time. [Click Here To Give]

HAHAHA. Kentucky among the top states for spending transparency? HAHAHAHAHAHA. [Business First]

Unemployment fell in 114 of Kentucky’s 120 counties in January. Why? Because so many dang people have fallen off the jobless rolls. [H-L]

Just a reminder that Rod Blagojevich was first caught on pay to play with the Illinois pension system. Some of the same crap that’s going on in Kentucky today. [HuffPo]

The Lane Report really has become press release central. Today the publication pushed a release from Greg Fischer as “breaking” despite word being announced at least one day (if not two) prior. Small nit to pick, sure, but the shift at the publication is noticeable. [Lane Report]

Republicans in Warshington were against dark money before they loved it. That’s how it always works. [Pro Publica]

Remember Jerry Lunsford? Steve Beshear fired him as the head of the Department of Housing today. We’re not shocked that he was fired. We’re shocked that he held the position in the first place. [Deep Frankfort Thoughts]

The teabagger trend these days is to declare everything they don’t like unconstitutional. Doesn’t matter if it’s a brand of toilet paper or the Voting Rights Act. [Wonkette]

Mike Wilson is terrified of the Messicans. So terrified that he needed to push a bill requiring welfare recipients to prove their citizenship status. Despite it already being illegal on a federal level for “illegals” to receive benefits. You’ll note Wilson couldn’t prove any of his claims. [John Cheves]

In case you need a reminder about WHY the corrupt shenanigans go on in Frankfort with organizations like Kentucky Retirement Systems? It’s because even the most beloved Democrats are capable of turning a blind eye, making excuses and protecting their friends. [Page One Here & Here]

Kentucky has been chosen along with five other states to take part in a federal pilot project aimed at making it easier for eligible students to get free school meals. Leave it to some mouth-breathers in Frankfort to go crazy over this. [C-J/AKN]

Like we first mentioned on Twitter earlier today, a student at Murray State jumped from the Fine Arts building in an apparent suicide. 21-year-old Jake Derting was apparently set to graduate this year and was a 2008 graduate of Nelson County High School. [Murray State News]

This is one of the only videos we’ve seen of the tornado as it happened in Salyersville. [WYMT]