Non-Shocker: Louisville Hit With Tolls In Perpetuity

If you can afford to buy coffee this week, you can afford to give to the red cross for tornado relief efforts. Your help is sorely needed. [Red Cross]

Wow, Steve Nunn’s ex-wife sounds as bizarre as him. Now it’s easy to understand why everyone on his side is trying to profit from the death of Amanda Ross: they’re all batshiz. [H-L]

Hahaha! Tolls? They’re going to last forever. Literally. Even after the bridges are paid off. So the money can go in a “maintenance fund” or whatever. You get what you voted for, people. Permanent tolling of public, taxpayer-funded roads. [C-J/AKN]

Is this really a good idea? Retired prosecutors would have special privileges to carry concealed weapons anywhere in the state under a measure that has passed the House. [WKYT]

Surely you can imagine how comical a Rick Perry-Newt Gingrich dream ticket would be. We almost can’t breathe just thinking about it. [Wonkette]

Because it’s Frankfort, an illegal cockfighting ring continues to be ignored. A state government employee running half the operation is given the green light. And nutbags left and right are threatening us for daring to bring it up. [Page One]

That Wisconsin voter identification law a few mouth-breathers in Frankfort wish they could bring to Kentucky? A judge ruled it unconstitutional. Imagine that. [HuffPo]

There doesn’t appear to be consensus on teacher incentive pay so don’t hold your breath on such a thing happening in Kentucky at the moment. [Ryan Alessi]

Since the trend in government is to find wasted money – at least on the surface – the big four auditors are lobbying like crazy. [Reuters]

Vice President Joe Biden isn’t holding back when it comes to ripping apart the crazy things mouth-breathers have had to say lately. []

You can’t even go to Lexington these days without being assploded with a nail bomb or whatever. [WLEX18]

Read this story about the catholic church intimidating and putting legal pressure on an abuse victims’ group. [NYT]

A Fayette County corrections officer testified that she was repeatedly sexually harassed. This is the kind of muck that’s been covered up. [H-L]

A low-level leak of mustard agent was detected in a storage igloo, and unfiltered process water used to wash explosives out old conventional munitions made its way to the Blue Grass Army Depot’s general waste-water treatment plant. [Richmond Register]

2 thoughts on “Non-Shocker: Louisville Hit With Tolls In Perpetuity

  1. “Will Perry Pass the Palin Test?”

    Newt: “Rick, let me test your civic acumen. How many branches are there in US government?”

    Rick: “What’s ‘acumen’ mean, pardner? Anyway, I’m thinkin’ there are three.”

    Newt: “How’d you know?”

    Rick: “Wild guess, based on your number of wives.”

  2. Hmmm, I guess Greg Stumbo, a former county prosecutor will be able to carry while all the other legislators won’t be able too.

    Big Surprise.

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