No Phone = Maybe Death For Many Kentuckians

We’re not going to shut up about you giving to the Red Cross for tornado relief efforts. This will take a long time. [Click Here To Give]

In light of the recent tornado disaster, the state legislature STILL wants to END BASIC TELEPHONE SERVICE for many in the poorest areas of the Commonwealth. [H-L]

It is absolutely not a secret that David Williams does stupid things 24/7. Not a secret at all. And it’s not remotely risky for Kathy Stein to criticize him (yes, it’s warranted). But we want to know why she doesn’t criticize the very people who have tried to oust her, the very people who have tried since 2008 to remove her from office – the Democratic crew of Greg Stumbo and Steve Beshear. They’re as responsible for so few women being in the legislature as David Williams will ever be. [Ryan Alessi]

Why aren’t we calling this University of Pikeville thing what it is? It’s a bailout for folks who no longer feel like they should have to be responsible. You’ll never hear that fall out of the mouths of folks who stand to gain, however. [Paul Patton]

Of course debt collectors are pulling these robo-signing stunts. This is how America works. [HuffPo]

The American Red Cross will remain in the region for quite a while. This is why it’s imperative for you to support the organization. [FOX41]

President Barack Obama may have a turnout problem, too. That little beast apparently cuts both ways. [WaPo]

Hal Rogers says he wants to stop the drug epidemic. But he continues to fight against needle exchange programs while funneling millions of dollars to his friends and family for programs that do not work. This is why Kentucky can’t have nice things. [The Atlantic]

This won’t come as a surprise to anyone. Latest polling data show that a majority of Americans view Rush Limbaugh negatively. [Daily Kos]

Don’t worry, a House panel voting in favor of a statewide smoking ban doesn’t mean the rest of the legislature has enough sense to pass it. [H-L]

Now we’re all gonna die of a heat stroke? Welcome to the Ohio Valley! [WLEX18]

Nobamacare will offer $1 abortions at the abortion megaplex, amen! Praise Allah or something. [Wonkette]

That foreclosure settlement Jack Conway fell in love with – remember how we told you he would? – is such a hot mess that the Democrats in Warshington are still fighting over it. [HuffPo]